Current Story Arc
Posted 5/18/13 , edited 6/8/13
"The 7 Dark Ones, and there Masters. While no one really knows who they are, they all have abnormal amounts of dark mana raditating from them, both the servants and the people seem to be the nature of evil, while the Masters of the war are mostly unaware of it, this is actually the corruption of the Holy Grail, having a little bit been placed in each of these masters, they have been corrupted by the world's evil, and are slaughtering the other masters mercilessly to unleash the Grail in its true form. "

Master of Dark Lancer, and Lancer have been slain, Master of Dark Saber has been slain. 5 remain.

To finish this arc, all of the enemies must be killed, and the shards gathered.
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