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[KRRP] Kamen Rider: Jikuu no Bouken
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27 / M / Singapore
Posted 1/26/08 , edited 1/27/08
[In ZeroLiner]

"Yuuto~ Have your lunch first before meeting the staion master~!!!"



*Yuuto does a Five Star Frog Splash on Deneb*

"Hi hi Yuuto-kun~!!!"

"Nani~!!! DE-NE-BU~!!! WHY IS SHOKO HERE~!!!"

*Yuuto does a Face lock on Deneb*

"I surrender~ i really don't know why is she here???"

"Daeto daeto~!!! I hope you didn't forget~!!!"


1. Yes, Shoko - Blue The girl from the candy scandal...
2. She ain't shocked to see Deneb~
3. Wanna know how she got up the Zeroliner??? Catch my next post~
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25 / M / 地球
Posted 1/26/08 , edited 1/27/08
[Tokyo, Japan 2:00PM]

Kagami had reported what he had seen to Zect HQ, and he was going to go sit down at his favorite ramen shop to collect his thoughts until he bumped into a strange man.

"Oh, excuse me."

The man said nothing. Kagami looked at him closer and noticed he was very pale, and his eyes were blood-shot,

"Ummm...Are you okay? You seem pretty pale."

The man looked up, and started to move his lips.

"You killed my brothers....."

The man changed into a scorpion-humanoid-like worm, and attacked Kagami with it's tail. And, Kagami quickly dodged it.

"Damn! That must be one of the worms that were in hiding, and the bastard already molted too!"


Once Kagami casted-off the worm clocked up.

"Oh no you don't.....CLOCK-UP!!"

Kagami caught up with the worm and landed a a few punches on it, and the worm seemed hardly effected.

"Oh? A tough one huh?! How about this then?! 1-2-3!! RIDER KICK!!"

Kagami kicked the worm with a Axe Kick and smashed it into the ground, the worm got back up, and Kagami hit it with another kick that sent it flying into a nearby car making the worm explode.

"Jeez....It took TWO Rider Kicks to take that one down, have the worms gotten stronger?"
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26 / M / in the shadows
Posted 1/26/08 , edited 1/27/08
while daisuke was searching for an answers hes sees kagami killing some worm so he runs out to kagami and
asks whats up

Dendetsu you can continue
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25 / M / 地球
Posted 1/27/08 , edited 1/27/08
Kagami looked up and noticed Daisuke, and he lifted his hand to greet him as he took the Gatack Zector off, and returned to normal.

"Oh, it's Daisuke-san. How have things been going? As you can see there's been a sudden outbreak of worms again. I just took down a tough one just now. ZECT should be handling the rest of the small fries....Jeez, Tendou sure picked a GREAT time to go to a cooking school in France."

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28 / F / Im in Singapore n...
Posted 1/27/08 , edited 1/27/08
Kotaro : "!?! "
Nobuhiko : " Kotaro , back to Shadow Moon....but im fine...."

*Suddenly a portal open and a Beetle-like humanoid grabs both of them and throw them in*
"Ahhh , wait who are you....arghhhhhh....!! " " Kotaro , ahhhh....!! "

[Tokyo , Japan 2:00PM]

*Saw a Blue colored Beetle sending a creature flying into a nearby car making it explode....*

Kotaro : " Whaaa.....where are we....?!?! "
Nobuhiko : " out !! "

*A Spider-like creature sneak out from a building top and jump on kotaro....*

Kotaro : " Damn....Nobuhiko , you ready ?!?! "
Nobuhiko : " Lets do it !! "

*Hennnn....SHINN !! *

Black RX !! Shadow Moon !!

Kotaro : " Okay , Nobuhiko....its all too sudden....but we dont have time to hesitate !! "
Nobuhiko : " Okay , we shall finds clues where we are later....lets finish this !! "

Rebolcane !! Shadow Saber !!

Kotaro : " Rider Slash !! " Nobuhiko : " Shadow Strike !! "

Both of them : " Take this !! Haaa !! "

*Spider Worm uses Clock-up....*
*Both Riders get trash by Spider Worm*

Kotaro : " Arghhh.....!! Impossible , how can it be so fast ?!?! "
Nobuhiko : " Damn it , its not a common monster you used to deal with....!! "
Kotaro : " Oh shit , now what are we gonna do , even our powers are not enough....!! "
*roei115 , Dendetsu....haha pls continue ~ *
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28 / M / Somewhere in the...
Posted 1/27/08 , edited 1/27/08
Rx: what should we do? We can't beat it if it was faster than us. Uhh, kingstone flash!
I hope this can confuse that monster...
well, that the best I can do for the monster that faster than me
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29 / M / To the Sunset
Posted 1/27/08 , edited 1/27/08
Kiba walk around town and saw different monsters other than Orphenochs attacking the citizens. "Stop it!!",He shouted and put on his Kaixa Gear. The monsters dash at him but he called his Side Basher.


A motorcycle with a sidecar appeared and Kiba jumped into it and activated Battle Mode


The sidecar changed into a huge monster size walker. Kiba was about released a barrage of missiles at the monsters but before he could, a huge portal appeared below him making both him and Side Basher fall into another dimension. "What the-!!", he hold on to the Side Basher til they landed hard on the ground, making a small crater. He looked around and saw the Tokyo Tower.

"Tokyo?! What the hell?", He asked himself. He changed Side Basher back into Vehicle Mode and turned off his armor. He was not too far from a building which had [ZECT] on it.
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27 / M / Singapore
Posted 1/27/08 , edited 1/27/08
[Still in ZeroLiner]

"Gomenasai~!!! Deneb left this behind~!!!"

*Shoko took out a Rider Ticket with Deneb imprinted on it*

"DE-NE-BU~!!! How can you be so careless~!!!"

"O... Oh Shoko... How did you know my name???"

"Oh? Whenever Yuuto-kun is~ I'll always be there~!!!"

"Maitaze~!!! So you have been eavedropping us... What should we do with her now, Deneb? We're reaching the station soon~!!!"

"No worry~ Shoko-san can always shop around the station~!"

"Yeah yeah~!!! Daeto~!!! Daeto~!!!"

"DE-NE-BU~!!! Baka~!!!"

"Mind if we're disturbing you guys? Okay? We don't hear an answer???"

"That sounds familiar..."

"Urataros, Ryutarous???"

"No no no... We're, Urayaro and Ryuyaro~!!!"


"Just as I thought... They may look they same... but their colours are both Orange instead of the usual Blue and Purple... *Henshin*"

*Charge And Up*

"Saisho ni itte oku… Ore wa sugoi tsuyori~!!!"

And so Yuuto assumed Zero From and fought the 2 Imajins... While Yuuto is doing so, Deneb turns into Denebic Buster Shoko hides in another cabin...

*Full Charge*

"Buster Nova~!!! *reverts* Maitaze~!!! Why is everything happening in a weird way... Is Ryoutarou's bad luck so contagious???"

"Next Station, Terminal Station: KingLiner"

1. Some of you are starting to break the rules...
2. Above doesn't gives anyone demerit points as warnings will be given directly via PM by me...
3. Rules are updated in
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26 / M / in the shadows
Posted 1/27/08 , edited 1/27/08
kagami gets a phone call from zect
zect trooper:"kagami-san theres something weird going on there 2 are riders fighting a sipder worm but for some reason thay dont clock up"
kagami: "ok we will chack it out"
daisuke:"do you think its somebody we know?"
kagami:"i dont know"
kagami and daisuke went to the worm and saw a black rider and a silver rider
they seemed to call one another "black rx" and "shadow moon"

ASURAKIRA Sano_Hikari Dendetsu you can continue
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27 / M / Annandale Va.
Posted 1/27/08 , edited 1/27/08

A week, later as Tendou returned to Tokyo, he noticed two Kamen Riders facing a spider worm and were
losing badly. So Tendou decided he'll help them as he summoned his Kabuto Zector as his belt appeared.


Tendou noticed the shock of the two riders as he began to deal damage to the spider worm as it clocked up,
he reached to his zector and began to cast off.

Cast Off.

the excess armor smashed into the worm as it tried to sucker punch Tendou. The worm was stunned for a while giving him time to tap the three buttons on his zector execute his roundhouse version of the rider kick.

1, 2, 3. Rider...Kick. RIDER KICK!!

the worm came within two feet this time as Tendou executed his finisher. the spider worm was quickly
destroyed in a green blaze. as he removed his zector from his belt, he noticed two people he knew and said.

Tendou: Kagami, Daisuke. It's been a while.
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25 / M / 地球
Posted 1/27/08 , edited 1/27/08
Kagami took off his Gatack Zector off his belt and lifted his hand to greet Tendou.

"Oh, hey Tendou. I knew you'd show up eventually, as you can see worms have suddenly been popping up again."
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28 / M / Somewhere in the...
Posted 1/27/08 , edited 1/28/08
Kotaro: "Hey, thanks for the help, where is this place and what was that monster ?"
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25 / M / 地球
Posted 1/27/08 , edited 1/28/08
Kagami looked at Kotaro like he was crazy.

"Huh.......What do you mean "Where is this place?" this is Tokyo! Tokyo, Japan! And, that monster was a worm, one of the monsters that have been terrorizing the world for almost 8 years. Where are you from anyway?"
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29 / M / anywhere and ever...
Posted 1/27/08 , edited 1/28/08
Hibiki sat quietly out in the open by a nearby beach on the phone with the boss about the recent increase of demons appearing lately apparently there had been disturbances in western shinjuku hibiki smiled somewhat closing the phone placing it back into his pocket as a nearby explosion knocked him flying across the ground a few demons appeared hibiki let a sigh of relief

<Hibiki> so you decided to come to me instead of me coming to you ill give you that.

hibiki reached into his pocket pulling out the henshin tuning fork tapping it softly against his wrist as he raised it torwards his forhead an oni symbol appeared as his body was engulfed in purple flames hibiki let out a loud yell then dispursed the flames with his arm he stood there in his transformed state. the demons came at hibiki as he rushed at them also pulling out the ongeki taiko drum sticks knocking the demons around a bit the demons looked at hibiki a bit scared and ran off as hibiki chased after them almost as if it was what they wanted him to fall for as they ran into a nearby forest the fight continued as hibiki continued knocking around the demons which looked alot like cats <hibiki> guess i should finish this. Hibiki raised his hand outwards into the air as the armed saber dropped into his hand from the disk bird flying over head he raised the cover of the speaker and spoke into it <hibiki> Hibiki Soukou! His body bursted into flames turning a red form disk animals ran to him and began to transform into armor peices of his body as he turned into his most powerfullest form hibiki yelled into the sword as the blade glowed with flames he swung it outwards with a single thrust destroying both the demons in one swipe as they bursted into flames and exploded.He stood there not even worn out as he decided to head back to the shop.
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28 / M / Home for the holi...
Posted 1/27/08 , edited 1/28/08
Shouichi sat in his restaurant,thinking hard.

"Who did it?"he asked himself over and over again.

Mysterious deaths surrounded tokyo at that time.The victims seems to die by loss of minerals,mainly calcium,suspected to be sucked out of them as there were puncture marks on them.

"These are not the works of Unknowns,it seems,"said Omuro,head of G5 unit,when he stopped by.

He feels that way,too as he didn't sense any Unknown.They were suppose to be gone by now,after the disappearance of the Overlord of Darkness.But still,...WHO did it?

Greatly disturbed,Shouichi gets on his bike and ride away,entrusting the restaurant to his partner,Kana(yeah,the cooking girl).

He was making his way to the police station,when.....


The creature,whatever it is,is sucking the man at the neck with it's....sting or whatever it is.It like a grasshopper but have a sting,his body is cloudily white.

Upon noticing it's been watch,the creature dropped the lifeless body and turn towards Shouichi.

"So you're the one,then,"said Shouichi to the creature in a low voice.

He positions this palms at the lower part of his left body,right palm above left,palms facing down.In one swift movement,he extends his right hand forward and pull it back towards the right side of his chest,palms facing upwards.

The Alter Ring appears on his waist.

As if drawing power,he slowly move his right hand forward.....


He activates both switchs on the Alter Ring,and in a flash,he tranforms into Agito.

The creature growled."You...I know you,yet I don't.You're.....Agito...."

Shouichi was suprised that the creature knew him,but nevertheless,he charged forward,and they fought.

One hit,two hits,three hits,four hits and followed by lethal spinning kick at the head,but to his astonishment,the creature only took a one step backwards.

"Your petty attacks won't work on me.My body is many times harder than a rock,"growled the creature.

Agito had no choice but to continue blocking and evading the creature's powerful strikes.Then suddenly,the creatures arm grew a great blade,and it slashes Agito with it.Despite having blocked it,Agito was thrown several metres away,

"Damn it..."

Agito stands back up,and his crest horns open."Guess I don't have a choice...."said Agito.

Agito extends both hands forward,left palm over right palm,palms facing each other.He then move them apart,right palm to the right,left palm to the left.He move the right palm slightly to the middle,and places left palm at the side of his body.Moving his left leg back,he draws the Agito Power of The Ground emanating beneath his feet into his legs,and prepares for a Rider Kick.

The creature charges forward.Agito jump into the sky,and executes Rider Kick!


The kick hit the creature squarely at the chest,and the creature was flown away.But then,it get back up,angered.


"No way.It didn't work?"said Shouichi in suprise.The creature charged again,but Agito jumps behind him.Slashing backwards the creature said,"I told you already.Your weak attacks cannot kill me."

"Then how about this?"said Agito,after evading it's attacks,he ran to his bike,and ride it towards the creature.When they are close,the creature slashes towards Agito,but only hit the air.Agito had jumped up,and his bike transformed into Slider mode.Upon landing on it,Agito put some distance and then turns it back and heads toward the creature in top speed.He then prepares for another Rider Kick.

Agito catapults himself from the speeding Slider Machine Tornader,and using the added momentum,initiates a more powerful Rider Kick,namely Rider Break!

Again,the kick hit squarely at the chest,but this time,the creature's shell was crushed,and it is flown back and hit a wall.

"How could this be?Damn you,Agito...."with these words,it retreated.

"He..he's still alive after that?"wondered Agito,who had changed back to Shouichi."That's a really powerful one......"

Unnoticed by Shouichi,a tiny crack had appeared in the sky.......


I had a few things to say....

I want to ask,should I elaborate on Shouichi's transformation?Or should I say he just transform?

I would like to ask you guys(RP members)not to involve the Overlord in your stories,especially as a bad guy.It's because I had some plans for him.Doing so will really wreak my story .

can you guys come up with a name for this creature?I had no ideas.but don't include it yet,as I had a little more plan for it.

I won't be joining in with the story,for now that is.I will later.

sorry for the very long post.

Hope you guys enjoy!!
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