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[KRRP] Kamen Rider: Jikuu no Bouken

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Posted 1/29/08 , edited 1/30/08
For the next few days,Shouichi frequently thought about his battle with the unknown creature.He blamed himself for not being able to finish it off,due to the fact that many more people was killed by it.

"Still daydreaming?"a voice broke into his mind.

Shouichi turned around to see Kana smiling at him.

What are you thinking about?"

"No.Nothing,"he answered.

Kana was,like him,had the potential to become Agito.But strangely,her power still hadn't awakened yet,even after a very long time.Even the awakening symptoms was gone.Nevertheless,his Agito power still continues to grow,to evolve,unlimited,unhindered.

"It's about this,right?"she asked,holding a newspaper reporting more mysterious deaths by the creature.

Shouichi tentatively nodded.

"I knew it,"she said."you're fighting again.Well,you don't have to worry about the restaurant.I'll take care of it.".

"Thanks,Kana-san."said Shouichi.

"Only,don't get yourself killed,okay?"she added.

"Alright."he answered earnestly.

Later that day,

Shouichi was on his way to Prof Misugi's house when something suddenly appeared in front of him.


The creature growled."Now I will kill you."

The creature seems different.Stronger.Now he had some sort of fleeler on his hands.

"I won't let you get away this time."he said to it and then immediately move both hands to the lower left side of his body,right palm over left palm.In one swift motion,he extends his right hand forward and pull it back to the right side of his chest,right palm facing upwards.

The Alter Ring appears.

Slowly he extends his right hand forward.


Shouichi activated both switches on the Alter Ring and transformed into Agito!

They fought and the creature quickly gain the advantage.Even though Agito is quicker and more skillful than it,Agito's rapid attacks didn't affent it even slightly.Meanwhlie,it is really strong and can swept Agito away with one hand.

Swept away for the third time,his crest horns open Agito attempted the Rider Kick. He jumped into the air to perform it but was caught by the creature's fleelers.

"I will not let you."it said and threw Agito,smashing him through a wall.

Agito raises from the debris,and activated the right switch of the Alter Ring,opening the Red Dragon's Eye,transforming into Agito Flame Form.

Withdrawing the Flame Sabre from the Alter Ring,he charged forward to the creature,cutting it's fleelers as it tries to attack him.

Seeing this,the creature lowers it's hands."Alright,then.Come at me!"it said.

Despite Flame Form's increased strength,Agito still can't effectively damage it.The creature,grown a blade at it's wrist,fought a sword fight with Agito,but his all his attacks ended up blocked or missed,while Agito had hit it scores of times,but still failed to do sufficient damage.He backed away and the Flame Sabre's Flame Horns opens,Agito assumes a ready stance.

The creature slashes at him,but with a swift,circular motion of the Flame Sabre,Agito parried the attack,creating an opening.Wasting no time,Agito executed Sabre Slash!

The creature was slashed seven times,the last knocking it bacwards.However,Agito was astonished to see it's body only slightly damaged by the attack.

Screaming,the creature grow another blade on it's other wrist and start slashing wildly at Agito.Agito blocks it all but the sheer power of it constantly forcing him back.

Then,by a furious uppercut,Agito lost the Flame Sabre.The creature then did a powerful double slash.


Agito hit the ground metre's away and can barely get back to his feet.The transformation vanished and he reverted back to Ground Form.

"You cannot beat me.My evolution has far exceeded your's."the creature said.

"'re really cocky,you know that......."

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Posted 1/31/08 , edited 2/1/08
<8:30am back at HQ> Hibiki was going through papers and fileing of all the demons he had defeated in the past around the areas.
<hibiki> so many demons appearing lately some iv never even seen before i wonder where there coming from.

hibiki had a puzzled look on his face as he decided to head out for awhile to get some fresh air hoping he would atleast bump into what was causing the mass appearance of the new demons appearing lately. hibiki opened the door heading outside as he hopped onto his motorcycle revving the engine up as he put his foot on the pedals and drove off.

<hibiki> so many new demons appearing this season it cant be coincidence that are enemys are upto something. he continued driving looking around him for any sightings or appearances of something outta the ordinary. <.< i got nothing else unless someone wants to join into this
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Posted 2/1/08 , edited 2/1/08
(No one posted something so yea im going to post. Yossha!)

He punch and kicks some of them. He took out his Blaygun and Kaixa Phone and begins to shoot at them. The Orphenoch king turned his head to Kaixa's position and walked slowly to him. Kiba quickly finished his portion of the enemies using Xeno Clash. He put back his weapons and noticed the King going to him.

"You're...still alive? Impossible! Takumi killed you!",he shouted.

The Orphenoch King gave no response and was still walking towards him. Kiba could feel his killing intent from that distance.

"Insolence. You think your pathetic attempt to destroy me actually worked? I gave you power, Yuuji Kiba. I actually thought you were a loyal servant", he spoke to Kiba. For the first time, he heard the King actually speaking.

"Surprised? These people freed me from this chamber and seems that I've become stronger",He then laughed,"No matter how many of you gather, Our power will simply crush you! Yuuji Kiba! "

Kiba flinched for a second but he took up all his courage,"But it seems that we have more Riders, If our powers joined we can defeat you!"

Kiba charged towards the King. He stomped his right feet and it gave a great tremor.

"Such idealistic thinking? You actually believe that? I expected better from you, Yuuji Kiba", King said while grinning,"Then come, Yuuji Kiba, come attack me!"
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