False advertising (ish).
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Posted 5/22/13 , edited 5/22/13
When I came to the main page today while logged out I noticed a little blurb about Mikasa and what happened on Attack on Titan and how I should sign up to watch the episode. Great, except Attack on Titan is not available in my country. Now I know that, but new people won't. They could sign up based on their wish to see Attack on Titan and it wouldn't be there for them. There's no reason for them to assume it could possibly not be there either. If CR can view my location and determine what anime I can/cannot see, why could they not view my location and determine which advertisements I can/cannot see? Especially considering the popularity of the show I don't think this is okay. Unless I'm completely mistaken about the ability to view someone's location. (It shouldn't require an account, Hulu knows I'm not from the US without signing up.)

PS: I understand regions and all that, I'm not complaining I can't view Attack on Titan.
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