☆ Rules ☆
Posted 5/23/13 , edited 5/23/13
☆ R u l e s ☆
Thank you for taking your time to read these rules! This RP is quite open but still-- we need regulations! So, it'd be much appreciated if you followed these rules. You WILL be given warnings if you disobey these rules. If you don't listen to warnings you're booted out~

  • Be Active Please!
  • No God/Power Modding
  • No being rude to fellow RP members
  • No copying or stealing
  • Do not spam outside Spam Forum or Wall
  • Don't start drama in the group

    Thank you for reading these! Also, a few TIPS for you guys~

  • Don't try RPing in too many RP groups at a time, it gets hectic and confusing
  • Progress! Keep going whenever possible
  • If you do not like someone, avoid them. Don't be rude.
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