☆ Tutorial Time ☆
Posted 5/23/13 , edited 5/24/13
Tutorial Time


Oh? Well hello! I am Assister, this group's guide, helper and I also am this group's reff for tournament battles~ Anyway, I'm here to make things easy for you and explain the group's system! So listen-- er… read carefully! You'll see me a lot around the group so let's get to know each other, yes? Also I announce the groups news! Last thing, don't misjudge me~ I may be super cute and cheery, but I'll whoop your ass ♥

Terms To Know!

Health Points {HP}: Your basic health bar stat! Everyone knows what this is, yes? When damage is dealt, your HP is taken and if you use healing you regain HP! Beware, you lose matches by hitting 0HP.

Crisis Points {CP}: These are easy as well! When a character uses Crisis Strikes, CP is taken from the other character/enemy and the amount of CP points you have equals the amount of damage your Skills deal to the opponent! ie: Assister has 1000 CP and Dummy has 100 CP, Assista uses a Crisis Strike on Dummy and takes 70 CP from Dummy. Assista then uses a Skill and deals 1070 damage to Dummy. Yes, battle system is based off Dissidia FF if you're observant enough~

Crisis Strikes: Those were mentioned above weren't they?! *gasp* Haha, kidding~ Anyway, Crisis Strikes are attacks that CANNOT take HP from opponents but instead take CP from opponents to power up their own attacks. See the example used above to get an idea.

Force: Force is how much CP will be taken from Crisis Strikes. All Crisis Strikes have the same Force. ie: Assister has 100 Force meaning ALL her Crisis Strikes take 100 CP. There is no possible way to deplete Force so don't worry about that!

Skills: Now these are the attacks that can actually pack a punch! Skills will actually take away an opponents HP or heal your own HP. Pretty basic yes? Of course you can have Skills that boost Defense, and Speed or even Force or CP.

Okay! Now onto the actual main point of the game- I mean, group! Hehe~ This RP group of course is just one big Tournament and Ranking RP! So Tournaments are important! BUT, to make it more interesting you can't JUST simply win by knocking your enemy to 0 HP! Nope~ Assister will end the match after someone hits 0HP or after the battle has dragged on too long. Then, creator-san {deuxx} will judge you on several categories.

Power: How strong your character is, meaning strong HP/CP, strong Force, Skills/Crisis Strikes
Modding: How many times Power/God modding is being used, Modding will decrease your win chance
Detail: How descriptive your posts are, points are taken off for confusing posts!
Level: How creative and skilled your RP skills are in general. Are you fair? Are you posting a good amount? Are you using your surrounding to your advantage? Etc.

When you win, lose, OR tie your scores will be added to the tournament boards! That forum is locked so theres NO cheaters, and by the way~ you MUST win in the tournaments to increase your Score! Battles outside the tournament do not count. OH also, I will permit up to 3 Tournament Battles to take place at a time.

Lastly, though its called "Tournament" There is no, "once this person wins, they move on to next challenger" simply sign up for a battle in the Challengers Forum, and I will randomly pair you with another person to fight against. Kay? Anyway hope you can suck this all in! Thats all for now~ Bye bye!
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