Final Chapter...What Did You Think of It?
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Posted 5/24/13 , edited 5/25/13
So I'm curious as to other people's thoughts on this final chapter?

Chapter Felt Rushed...
Final battle was a bit rushed, okay Bloody Rose Ultima wiped out most of the conflict.
Aidou encased Kaname's body in a frozen coffin.
Life went on, Kaname's body was gaurded by someone with honey colored hair (Takuma I think?).
Yuuki and Zero enjoyed some happiness; raised Yuki and Kaname's daughter and had a son/daughter of their own.
Yuuki resurrected Kaname as a human after Kaname/Aidou's research was complete and Zero had already passed away (who knows x amount of time later).

It left me with a lot of questions:

What happened over those 1000 plus years of time?

-Did the war between the purebloods and hunters just continue on forever?
-When did vampires become common place knowledge amongst humans and acceptable at that? o-O
-How long were her and Zero able to be together before he became dust?
~~What was their life together like?
~~Was she visiting his grave right after he died, or did she go there again one last time before she went to turn Kaname into a human?
-When did they have their children?
~~How long did Zero and her get to spend with their kids together before he died?
~~Is the daughter Kaname's? (The "my other father" comment made me wonder. The "Zero looking" son also called her Nee-san which
indicates her to be the eldest of the siblings.)

Did the research "cure" people of being vampires?
-Was it optional, or did they force it upon the remaining vampire population?

What will Kaname's future be like as a human?
-Will he end up remembering his past like he did before, and like Yuuki did; and then have to be turned back into a vampire to prevent him
from going crazy? o-O (Dear god that'd be a miserable fate. >_>)
-Will he develop a familial, or otherwise, relationship with Yuuki's vampire (or are they now human?) children?

So yeah...any other thoughts, theories, rages on this end folks? *sweat drops*
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Posted 5/25/13 , edited 5/25/13
Chapter itself:
Rushed, troll, or placating fit really. I liked that Zero and Yuuki got to spend a lifetime together and have a kid(s) (since I dislike the idea of having Zero raise Kaname's kid <_<), while Kaname got given a new life in a new world. As a friend of mine said: 'it was basically a stfu to all the shippers'. I refuse to fall into the category of 'critic' by listing various plot holes or nitpicks on it and just stick with it being an 'okay' chapter. At least it made me laugh my a** off the first time I read it.

Things I'd like to have seen shown:
-Shiki and Rima's life together (since they were shown getting closer not actually becoming official couple )
-Kain and Ruka getting together

This is post is probably as neutral as I can be
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Posted 5/26/13 , edited 5/27/13
It was satisfying.. sort of. I support Zeki, but Yuki's ending with Zero felt like it was sort of mushed together, without any glue to put it together, lol. I like that Kaname came back alive as a human, but by doing so, it made it seem like Yuki was still infatuated with Kaname... which she was. As a result, Zero felt like a last resort.. even though I'm happy they did get together, there wasn't much background to it. No kiss, no overly heartfelt moments.. But I get it. Hino probably pissed off Kaname fans by implying that he was going to die a tragic death...

Well, by ending it this way, both Kaname/Yuki and Zero/Yuki fans are satisfied.. I guess. Sort of. And well, by extent... Zero/Kaname fans (LOL?) After all, Kaname pulled Yuki and Zero in like a group hug O_o. I had like a total WTF moment right there, but it was great nonetheless. (;

There was plenty of good things that happened in this chapter, but they felt pretty bittersweet since we were given no background as to how they actually occurred... Oh well. I guess that's the end of VK... It's sort of sad, really. But hopefully, it's the start of a new beginning for Hino... God, I don't even wanna imagine all the hate she's getting... dang. O_O

The Zero/Yuki child and the Kaname/Yuki child... they were both so cute ><. Zero's kid looks exactly like Ichiru... so adorable. T_T RIP.
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Posted 5/26/13 , edited 5/27/13
I didn't read it (stopped around volume 5) but this is a horrible ending, it's like the author (name escapes me ATM) wanted to please everyone with both pairings but that never works. And Kaname worked so hard for Yuki and she just up and died on him. Wtf.
Posted 7/3/13 , edited 7/3/13
I didn't really care for Yuki to be with Zero instead of Kaname. (Though I'm secretly jealous...)
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Posted 8/14/13 , edited 8/14/13
yeah but i am pleased anyway. It is good that my Zero finally found happiness and death living happy life.
He has such a cute son,who looks like him
About Yukii she was so lucky that slept both of them,and gave birth to both of their children (such a lucky bastard btw)
And Kaname...hmmm i think he is the luckiest one.
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Posted 10/23/13 , edited 10/23/13
Ending was rushed, the author tried to satisfy both ZeroxYuki and KanamexYuki fans. But seriously, the ending basically just showed Zero as the last resort since Kaname died. It even pissed me more off that she was still infatuated with Kaname whilst living with Zero and even having kids with him. To me, this manga was a total disappointment.
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