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Posted 5/26/13 , edited 6/4/13
The focus of the stream should be making the viewers feel as if they are there at the conventions and want to take part in it while promoting Crunchyroll.

Currently as it is, the viewers experience has been limited by the few that loiter around the camera for hours blocking the view and shying off occasional cosplayers behind them. Yes, it's nice being able to interact with the people there, but not the same people all day.

Crunchyroll Convention Live Streams(CCLS) should become the go to place for virtually experiencing anime conventions by broadcasting their major events, interviewing star guests and cosplayers, showing off anime merchandise, live giveaways eligible to subscribers, creating a Crunchyroll mascot for the interviewer to represent while conversing with the viewers answering questions ect...

Show your support with a reply if you think CCLS would be something beneficial to the community of anime fans out there, and that you also share interest in viewing this sort of thing.

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Posted 5/27/13 , edited 5/27/13
What would be nice too is if CR could utilize a moving camera or something so that we could also see the different areas/booths/events of the con.
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Posted 5/31/13 , edited 5/31/13
Sorry to be a stick in the mud but can we have a button to turn it off on the main page?
Its a great idea that many will enjoy but I usually keep crunchy's main open for quick access to new shows and was wondering what was hammering my poor internet connection.
A small off button and associated cookie would be really nice so I can save my bandwidth for the shows
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Posted 6/1/13 , edited 6/1/13
Also, I'd like to ask that commenting be only available to subs. Today there was just way too many unsubs calling people mean names, and that poor kid, lots of them called him the N'word, you could see it on his face how hurt he was.
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Posted 6/2/13 , edited 6/3/13
as for the main Live stream people where quite rude to the cosplayer, if any one took away the close players out the way was the Viewers as for me i did my best to stop people from over hogging the camara, i for a fact did not hog the camara or stood way to close, yes i was quite almost on half the time, but i also shared cosplayers and brought people to you guys ~ so i kinda agree with this post that has been made and disagree,
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Posted 6/7/13 , edited 6/7/13
Is CR live stream down? i'm getting

We have over 404 pages...

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