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Q: Is there any happenings during the shooting of Purple Line MV which was done in Korea?
A: (answered by Yunho) Changmin and I have to shoot outside which was damn freezing at that time, so we both got cold after that.

Q: How 'bout the rest?
A: (answered by Jejung) Ohh i'm fine! ***laugh***

Q: Tell me about Purple Line's MV dance... about the steps etc.
A: (answered by Jejung) It's hard to remember the (so much) steps in a short while. We're given a period of time to remember the steps which I can't say it specifically here, but it's too soon for us. So it's a bit hard...

Q: Talking about MVs, concerts, songs... I bet you guys must encounter this situations : wrong steps in dance, sing wrong lyrics (by words).
A: (answered by Jejung/Yunho) yes. it's when we're on Asia Tour (outside Japan), where we have to sing in Korean.. as we used to sing in Japanese while we're here (Japan) right before the tour, so there's few times we made mistakes on lyrics. though it was the same song, but since we have mainly 2 versions (Japanese and Korean)...

Q: Among the five of you, who is always doing this (mistakes in lyrics)?
A: (answered almost at the same time by Junsu, Changmin, Yunho and Yuchun) it's Jejung! ***laughs***.(somehow Jejung who still didn't admit it by his words just covering his face laugh silently).
A: (answered by Jejung) yes.. after the concert finished, i'll apologize to others and straight away tell the reasons for my mistakes. such i'm not in good (health) condition, like having a headache, or coz i'm too tired.. or i lose my concentrations.. etc. before everybody points it out on me.***such an honest boy!! ***

Q: Talking about Asia Tour, what was the different between fans in these three countries : Japan, Korea and Thailand?
A: (answered by all almost at the same time) Just the language(s). We found nothing different rather than words used in these countries, the way they welcome(like/love) us are all the same... we can feel it. ***yes you're rite!***

Q: Give me some few words you've learned while you're in Thailand.
A: (answered by Yunho and Junsu the most.. some few words that i can't write it hear. but trust me, their pronounciation and pronunciation are good, especially Yunho's)

Q: Is there any Thai's food become your fave?
A: They mentioned few of names but the one everybody agreed was "satay".***err.. wondering if this kind of food also found somewhere ELSE than Thai too!***

Q: I heard everyone of you love and can bear with hot food...
A: (answered by Yunho) yes. we love hot food. but Jejung do the most... he ate (hot foods) till he suffer stomach ache! but still he loves it (hot foods)!

Q: Since it's winter now, what is the most (food) you really want to eat during this cold season?
A: Yunho - a kind of "nabe" or "oden"(japanese hotchpotch) ,Yuchun - any "ramen","cha-han"(fried rice), Jejung - hot "butaman", Junsu - probably the same as Jejung coz he just added that he loves it especially while they're on train going back from somehere and Changmin - machisoyo ***forgive me coz i don't know this!***

Q: What is the most fave words/phrase among the 5 of you now?
A: (Junsu answered) 「またなぁ~!」= see you again/bye bye (but only Junsu do this by himself! we're looking forward this was said by all 5 of them to fans after concerts end etc. though!)

Q: "T" (new album, Japanese 3rd album) will be released a week after Purple Line single, which scheduled to be on Jan 23rd. How did you decide the title, since the title is just "T"?
A: (answered by Junsu) We're have a discussion with staffs.. ***everybody laughs for his full of iciness answer!***
A: (answered randomly by others) "T" have many meanings, such T for Tohoshinki (Jejung, if i'm not mistaken) , T for TRICK (Changmin), T for Try (Yunho) etc. so it's like we compiled all the best meanings in one title for the album.

Q: Tell me what's the song you love the most in this album, each one of you.
A: ahhh.. it's hard to tell... ***silence for a moment***
A: Changmin - i love "CLAP!" the most. the tempo is quite fast.. i think this song will perfectly warm up the audiences if we sing this song in our coming tour/concerts.
A: Yunho - i love "TRICK". it's kind of mix of all sorts of music (tempo), and it's perfect to be listed as track 01 in the album.

Q: Yes.. yes.. how about the track listing? I mean the tracks can't be just listed down randomly, right?
A: (answered by Yuchun) yes..yes. we decided the track listing with staffs. (laughs) ***again.. the "cold" answer?***

Q: Ok.. continued.. what is the song you like most in this album (T)?
A: (Junsu answered) i love "Kiss したまま、さよなら"[Kiss shita mama, sayonara] the song composed by Yuchun and Jejung.

# note that this song ONLY AVAILABLE on SPECIAL ALBUM (2 CD plus 2 DVD) edition.

Q: Tell me what's the song is all about.
A: (Answered by Jejung since he's the composer! ) It's kind of sad song.. where there's a girl that (i/we) really love, but (now) she's not here anymore (passed away). even that, but the memories lived in us, like we have this together not long time ago, aren't we?.. so it's like we recall back the moments we shared.. i imagined it on my mind while i'm writing this song.. ***can't wait to hear this!!***

Q: Then, what's the song you love most, Jejung (in T album)?
A: Forever Love Acappella ver. There's once i heard this song from distance played by staff (on PC or something) .. at that time i didn't even know it was Forever Love but i can feel it gave me goose skin! ***laughs*** That means this song isn't only can be feels by listening but also thru your body! ***ohh my goodness***

Q/HOST : You guys always do this while launching a new album/single. I guess you'll definitely goinna do the same with this new album, T too. Can i reveal the schedule now? ***after got the agreement from all of them....***

ok.. the T album will be released on Jan 23rd.. so the event will be on 24th till 25th. the five of you will be separated to 3 teams; means 2 couples of you and another one will be on single team(?).

1st team, the GAME team will be in Tokyo nearby doing the games (don't ask me what games gonna be coz they didn't reveal the things yet!) while promoting the album.

2nd team, the HIKOUKI (Aeroplane) team. named "AEROPLANE team" since this team need to travel till Sapporo (oh it's my place...I wonder who's coming! The host and Yunho (if I'm not mistaken) jokes that Jaejoong will be in this team!! ***excited already***) then back to Fukuoka for promotion. again, don't ask me what they're gonna do traveling that far in just 2 days because they didn't even decided who'll be in what team and so on.

3rd team, the SHINKANSEN (bullet train) team. Like air plane team, this team too need to travel far from Nagoya to Osaka by bullet train.

all the infos will out on Tohoshinki official site ON THE DAY of promotion! till that nobody will know the details, unless he/she works for Tohoshinki here!

Q: What is the actual/hidden meaning in Purple Line?
A: (Junsu the master of meaning, answered this) Purple... is the color of a horizon. If you see the sea by far, you can see the line that separates the see and the sky which is purple in color. I/We believe if we are able, we're managed to get over that line (the horizon), we will have a new hope (for our life, for everything wanted in our life)...***yes, like what I expect from my very 1st hearing of this song...the lyrics, the song's gonna have the prettiest meaning lied down in its everybody called "SEXY" melody!***

Q: last question... what will you do if you're given to hours to spend (doing the things you like)?
A: Yunho - I go to sleep! ***whatta!*** then he added, he wanted to take pictures with all Tohoshinki members!
Junsu - I want to read manga! ***Junsu the bookworm...oops manga-worm!***
Changmin - I want to play game(s).
Yoochun - Wanna have a (proper) meal with all members.
Jaejoong - Wanna read economy news??? (he said he prefer to read economy news rather than sports news! wow!)...oh ok...ok...I accompany Changmin play game(s)!

Guys, all the questions here are from those who're watching this live talk on their PC. I didn't send any...yet they're actually can't ask all of them because there are too many users sending questions to the very last minute of the program.

There's one user, who's still in her junior-high school, sent this to our boys. A girl named Elina will seat her high school entrance exam tomorrow, but since she's a big fan of Tohoshinki she keeps watching this live talk. She asked if Tohoshinki have any words to say for those fans like her (I believe they're thousands like her just now!). Yunho 1st replied by saying, "Oh dear you're not supposed to watch us!" then he laughs a bit, means he's impressed actually.

Then Jaejoong said this, "don't worry, for those like you Elina, we will present you Junsu's heart!" glances at Junsu for a moments, then continued "ready..." where Junsu put both of his heart-shaped hands (he made his hands to be heart-shaped.. could you imagine it guys?) on his chest, later point it forth to the camera, like he's giving his heart to this lucky girl! kyaaaaaaaa... ***sweet Junsu!!***

Oh...I was about to regret reordering T album (2 CD plus 2 DVD), but now that regret disappeared! It turned out to be full of excitement then...I can't really wait for this album's release. Oh my goodness! I'm among those girls who're sitting exams actually but still stood up frozen in front of my PC because they've captured my eyes and bad!

our boys performed Forever Love Acappella ver. at the end of this talk. This time from 2nd chorus (lead by Changmin) till the end. Somehow I agreed to what Jaejoong said (referring to the above) gave me goose skin too! The sweetest goodbye ever by Tohoshinki..
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That was such a good read


Thank you very much!!!
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Your so welcome! ^_^
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