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Welcome to Separated By Difference

I had friends who were bullied so I decided to
make a group on CR especially for that.
On the forum you can talk about yourself.
Just make sure to write a little bio about yourself

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32 / M / California
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Hello, I have been around through many different places, thoughts, and lives that associated with my own. I am not a very tall man, nor do I often have that persona, but my personality speaks for itself when I say my words attempt to help, make arguments, and also avoid the fights those often start.

I wish to be a member of each group, however impossible, and make sure those around feel the same heart-felled joy that one should share through understanding and friendship.

My wishes have always been to trigger some emotion, thus proving my own. Sometimes it cannot be so, but it will always be my desire.
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24 / F / Arizona
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Hello my name is Ryan, when I was younger (and even today still) I was made fun of because of my name because I was a girl ~ now it doesn't bother me because it defies me but it still sometimes hits the mark.

I love writing and I wish to be a writer one day (currently working on a book) because I love imagining and creating stories for people to enjoy, I honestly don't even care if my future books get fame, if one person can enjoy it then that's all for me to enjoy.

I am incredibly short for my age (18 btw, turning 19 this Aug.), I am 5"1. I'm shy and passive and overall a "people pleaser" but in reality I'm weird and outspoken once you get to know me but I look 12 which makes it hard for men to find me attractive.

Aside from writing - I like to dance randomly, play video games, watch anime/TV, read manga/regular books, browse the web, world history, food, eating. I'm the type of girl who loves getting chocolate, flowers, and stuffed animals as gifts rather than jewelry (which I do not wear).

My style is vintage. I have an old soul, and sometimes I wish I lived in the 30's because of the fashion (that being said I don't want to deal with the whole Great Depression
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My real name is Jocelyn and my favorite color is Blue. When I was little my classmates made fun of me because I hanged out too much with the guys. The will even call me a boy. When I look back at that moment I'm thinking, "Wow, those fucken idiots". As I grew older i learned to stand up for myself and learned that not everyone is the same.

My hobbies are: listening to music, practicing the clarinet (and trombone), watching anime, thinking, hang out with friends, watch anime
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My name is Jadon and I'm 18 . I've been bullied all throughout middle school because I was anime lover . They always thought that anime was hentai . Then it spread around the school that I was bringing PlayBoy Magazine to school and I got sent to the principles . He suspended me for 3 weeks . After that was over I never went to school . I use to skip school everyday and hang out in McDolands till school was over . My mom always used to get calls from the school asking why I wasn't there . I finally had to tell my mom the truth . She didn't get mad at me but she just pulled me out of the school and I went to a different school . As I grew up I learned to stand against the haters and do what I believe .

So that's why I wanna help people who are getting bullied :)

Hobbies ; Drawing <3 , watch anime , writing , playing the piano , listening to music :3
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I guess I'll go ahead and do one. My name is Justin and I'm 15. I was never technically bullied, but i never really had any real friends either. My parents divorced when i was around 11. My dad remarried and divorced again when I was 14. My dad was pretty much my best friend all my life. He was the one person i could talk to about anything. He ended up committing suicide roughly one year ago. I never was able to really talk to anyone about this saying that I (still) don't have any friends. People usually think I'm weird and what not because I don't really know how to socialize or talk to be either. I kinda just wished all my life that i could be important to someone. All I've really ever wanted was to have a friend, or at least someone that wanted or enjoyed talking to me.

(My apologies for making this into some sort of sob story)
Hobbies : Taking care of animals, watching anime, and anything that has to do with nature.
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41 / M / Maryland
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Most know me as Doma. The master of this place knows me. I am the oldest here as I can see. Age is just a number. The mind is where it is.anti-bullying club is a cool idea. wish I would have came up with that. i have been bullied since my old school days. Never been the popular one. For the most part I am a bit of a misfit. I don't really care as long as i can be me. Some have said that i am strange or they just don't get my way of thinking. If i could sum my self up in a few words I would say i am simple but complex in form. I am like water.

Hobbies/ interests :anime, writing poems,listening to music ,science,technology,reading,animals,and meeting new people
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