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Posted 5/28/13 , edited 5/29/13
A house is on fire, and 3 people are trapped inside. You have to choose who to carry out, who to throw out the window, and who to leave behind. You have to answer the previous sets of 3 names then provide for the next one.

Example: Timmy Turner, Trixie Tang, Anti-Cosmo

Carry: Anti-Cosmo
Throw: Timmy Turner
Leave: Trixie Tang

I will start... heehee

Sai, Kirito, Asuna
Posted 5/29/13 , edited 5/29/13
Carry: Kirito
Throw: Asuna
Leave: Sai

Scooby, Scrappy, Fred
Posted 5/29/13 , edited 5/29/13
Carry: Scooby
Throw: Scrappy
Leave: Fred

Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke
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