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Posted 5/29/13 , edited 5/30/13
Written by Emily Martha Sorensen

Every so often, an idea comes around that is so different, so new, it makes you sit back and take notice. Anime Sols ( is just such a thing. A combination of streaming and crowd funding, it is a new way to watch a series, and then buy it on DVD.

The most exciting thing about it is its choice of series. Instead of focusing on the newest hot shows (which Crunchyroll does admirably), Anime Sols is translating older ones, the kind that would never normally be licensed in the United States. The current line-up includes Creamy Mami, Black Jack, Bander Book, Marine Express, Fumoon, Tobikage, Tekkaman, Yatterman, and Blue Blink.

Three of my favorite series currently streaming:

Creamy Mami

The original singing magical girl anime, Creamy Mami aired in 1983. It was not the first magical girl series (that would be Mahou Tsukai Sally), but it was the first combined with an idol series. The main character, Yuu, is a feisty tomboy, and her alien kitty mascots are adorable. The series is also unusual in that magic is everywhere, not just in the transformation scene, so the main character can run into aliens, ghosts, even magical creatures on a regular basis. It’s great fun, and should be enjoyable by both genders and all ages. It is a story filled with creativity and bursting with possibilities.

Blue Blink

Osamu Tezuka’s final series. Fans of old anime will know that he created Astroboy, the very first anime (Black Jack, which Anime Sols is streaming, is also one of his). The series begins when the main character’s father is kidnapped by the villain of his own children’s books. Desperate to get his father back, Kakeru takes off on a journey between dimensions with a pack of assorted friends. The villains always seem to be one step ahead, but they reach a new location every episode and have all sorts of strange and wonderful adventures as they’re looking. It’s the perfect series to share with kids of both genders, and great to watch yourself if you enjoy a clean, fun adventure story.


If you want a strange, parody-filled mecha series, look no further than this. While formulaic, it has all kinds of crazy characters and settings, most of which are spoofs on something. Looking for the original series? Go to the Yatterman page. Want to see the remake (which includes an episode making fun of Steven Spielberg)? Check out the New Yatterman page. Anime Sols is streaming both, so you can compare them both, or just pick and choose the one you find most interesting!

You need to sign up to watch anything, but there’s no cost for this. And then you can watch any of the series for free, with a new episode streaming each week! It’s important for them to reach their goals to continue, so if you love a series, consider pledging support for it (and get exclusive extras if you want these). You can also help by getting your friends hooked on your favorite show, printing out fliers to share at a convention, or spreading the word to anyone who likes anime.

Have fun watching! Hope to see you there!
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Posted 6/3/13 , edited 6/3/13
<3 This is so exciting. I love vintage animes. I really hope you guys do Super Pig (Ai to Yūki no Piggu Gāru Tonde Būrin) I've been wanting to see a good translation of it for a long time.
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Posted 6/3/13 , edited 6/4/13
OMG I want to see 3000 Leagues In Search of Mother and Mama Was A 4th Grader. (Do these exist complete already?)
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