What happened to my profile?
Posted 5/29/13 , edited 5/30/13
Hello, I got this in my Crunchyroll inbox.



>>>Hi plenish!

Thank you for supporting Crunchyroll in the past.

To show you our appreciation, here's a coupon redeemable for a Special 30-day Free Trial to the CR Membership.

The Coupon code is: RC6YANTNMM5. But hurry! it will expire in 14 days.

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The Crunchyroll Team


I redeemed the code, and payed with my bank card, and now my profile is reset. I don't have my picture that was once there, I don't have any of the Forum posts that I had there, I don't have my achievements and I don't have my guest pass from the time I spent on crunchyroll...

What happened? I don't get why this happened, please respond to me. I love cruncyroll and I will forever be a member as long as you guys are here, but I am confused as to why my profile is reset after I did this from this message I got from Shinji.
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Sorry to intrude on your topic w.o any answer to give you about it, but i just wanted to let you know that its really weird not being able to see absolutly nothing from you, nor ussrname nothing. just what you wrote.
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whoa the invisible user
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