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Posted 5/30/13 , edited 2/25/14
Hai there, it's Cloud!

For every great forum comes great responsibility, correct? Oh yeah, that's totally original. REGARDLESS, let's get all the common sense stuff out of the way, so that we can get to the actual posting of this page!

Rules are simple, and will follow the original guidelines set by the site, with a few other tweaks and adjustments. The forum will be organized into genres of music, thus making it easier to find artists for genres you may not know about, and being able to place in genres you feel like an expert on! Ranking will generally be the same for all users, though custom titles will be allowed for the originals. I'll start with the list now, since reading paragraphs may not be your style.

1: No Flaming - Didn't you're mother ever tell you that picking a fight with someone was bad? The only real problem with fighting isn't just that it's annoying and may cause problems, but that it annoys me and will cause problems with moderators.

2: Be Mature - Now don't get me wrong, this page is here to have fun, but it's also to learn and listen. Keep random topic organized, and please don't duplicate!

3: Respect & Listen - I'm not trying to sound like a dictator or anything, but the simple fact that this music group is here for listening to music should be enough of a reason to do so. Everyone here will treat you and your music tastes with respect, as long as you do the same!

4: Pictures & Wictures - PG-13 pictures please. I would like it if you posted pictures of artists, concerts, or things you look at or think about when listening to the music you enjoy. These are fun things, but not required (Hence Wictures)

5: Posts & Click - Don't fake listening to a song, or watching a video. If you don't want to watch it, then don't. We're here to learn new artists and share the ones that we know. it's an experience for each genre, and the style.

6: PG-13 this, PG-13 that - It's a ridiculous thing, I know. Still, if you don't understand what PG-13 means, we may have to make a few adjustments to the count. You know... just a few...

7: Organization - No one likes staying up long nights to do forum clean up, so please keep things in the appropriate tabs. I'm sure that one will exist for almost everything. Everything that involves your ears at least.

On a side note:

- Multiposting is allowed.
- Being active awards the right for custom names.
- Please join our DJ nights!
- Invite your friends and help us grow!

If a forum topic you would like to include has not already been created, feel free to create one!
Thank you for reading!
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