What manga am i missing in life??
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Posted 5/31/13 , edited 5/31/13
So ive never heard of attack on titans until it showed on crunchyroll. OMG were has this thing been all my life! I read the manga and finished it in two days flat. I was thinking how many other phenomenal mangas are out there that i may never know about until they turn into a show?

The major one's that ive read

Full metal alchemist
Fairy Tail
Death note
Code geass

But i want one thats not as well known like Shingeki no Kyojin was. Ive always googled good mangas but never was shingeki no kyojin recommended. I want one thats has a very unique story, great drawing, No robots, no romance or very little, a strong willed main character, no ecchi.

So give me some suggestions of really unique mangas. some mean people were totally hold out on attack on titans lol
Posted 5/31/13 , edited 5/31/13
One Piece.
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judging from your list you would probably like Soul Eater, its still ongoing and it does have an anime that came out a few years back, idk if CR has it though. If your looking for something that isn't very well known then this might not fit the bill though.
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Posted 5/31/13 , edited 5/31/13
You could probably get some very specific recommendations there, especially if you give a few of your favorites, people could tell you which ones you'd most likely enjoy ^_^
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