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Ji Jin-hee comes back in the Korean version of "Desperate Housewives"

Actor Ji Jin-hee is attempting at his first man of affair role. Ji Jin-hee is revising the offer for a role in the new SBS drama "Kind Words".

Known as the Korean version of "Desperate Housewives", this drama is about housewives who are in difficult situations because of dangerous love and flingy husbands. It is produced by Choi Yeong-hoon from SBS drama "OB and GY" and written by "Can We Get Married?". The production is done by HB Entertainment which Ji Jin-hee is a part of.

Ji Jin-hee takes on the role of Yoo Jae-hak, a good looking man who owns a medium company and seems to live a complete life but roams around after meeting a woman. He takes on the role of a flingy man with a family.

Meanwhile, Ji Jin-hee appeared in the cable channel tvN drama "Love Manipulation: Cyrano" and surprised the viewers. "Kind Words" will be broadcasted after "Jang Ok-jeong" in September.


Ji Jin-hee considers new drama

Another new show to add to that ever-growing list: SBS’s fall Monday-Tuesday drama looks like it might be A Warm Word, a drama full of mystery and scandal set among the lives of average couples. It’s evoking Desperate Housewives as a comparison (on purpose?) and is courting Ji Jin-hee (The Great Seer) to star. And as an adulterous husband, no less. Boo, I like him as the dorky guy who can’t get a date, even if he’s way too handsome for that.

The new melo? comedy? (What DO you call Desperate Housewives?) will be brought to you by writer Ha Myung-hee of JTBC’s Can We Get Married, and PD Choi Young-hoon of Five Fingers. It’s being described as the “divorce version” of Can We Get Married, which doesn’t sound nearly as pleasant, but should be juicy and rife with scandalous potential.

It’ll be a drama about families (not to be confused with “family drama”) and a “dangerous love between a man and a woman.” If he signs on, Ji Jin-hee will headline as a man who outwardly seems to have the perfect life — happy family, success, and the perfect marriage. But one day he meets another woman and has a mid-life crisis and an affair. The drama will purportedly draw him in a sympathetic light, which is an uphill battle if I’ve ever heard of one.

A Warm Word is angling for a September broadcast following Empire of Gold on SBS.

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