*Girls* Im just a guy who need advice =D
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Posted 6/1/13 , edited 6/2/13
Okay, so. This is my first post, but ill be honest its because im desperate.

Im a Japanese 16 year old male in the UK, and ive recently broken up with my now ex girlfriend. Ive known her for a whole year now, we were semi serious about a future, and she stayed over to take care of my dog, it felt like a family almost. We were in love.

I mean, what did i do wrong?

I worked out to look good for her, I buy her meals, take her out multiple times a week with my own pocket, I never asked for sex unless she wanted it, never pressed her, we got along so well. We had arguements but it was always easy and always was fixed eventually. She was the perfect look for me, long red hair, smooth skin complexion, smart, funny and talkative. We watched anime together, then after i would play my guitar and sing her songs till she got tired and went to bed. (btw she is sexually satisfied with me, i know so because.... well yeah in bed things happen down there)

She was beautiful, even without makeup. Im really boisterous when i go out, and i swear alot sometimes but it never got to her, i was one of the only guys that she said changed... Just for her. She even said Im one of the only guy who could ever be responsible enough to raise kids.

Eventually, she went and slept with another guy. That guy was a douchebag, basically only a few of the cool kids like him. She said it was because she was drunk but she doesent even drink!, and i know she wouldnt try because when she does she becomes really antisocial and doesent talk!

Im really heartbroken, and emotionally im a wreck.

She doesent even wanna talk to me, I called her to check if she was okay and just to talk about things and she told me to fuck off =[. I saw her at college today, and she had HER ARM around that douchebags neck. He wears hoodies that says "SWAG" on it! Wtf!

Girls, what happened? Would you ever do this?

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Posted 6/1/13 , edited 6/2/13

Sorry to bust this on you after already having banned you earlier but... We don't actually allow personal help threads on CR. As a result I have to lock and close this thread. However I urge you to look at the bright side, you may have gotten dumped but there are other fish in the see and frankly... I wouldn't want to be caught dead dating anyone who hung out with dudes that wore clothing with the word "SWAG" on it.
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