Come up with a forum game "title" about "the person above you"
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Posted 6/1/13 , edited 6/3/13
After taking a closer inspection at the forum game section I realized that there are so many popular forum games about "the person above you." I figured why not join in all the fun?

Game play

1.) Come up with a forum game title about "the person above you."


1.) Please don't post 2 times in a row. Allow 3-4 responses before posting again.
Failure to do so will result in warnings and/or bans (if excessive).

2.) Don't post any duplicates, be as original as possible.

3.) Regular forum and site rules applies to this thread and all the others.


What would you say or do if you had to wake up the person above you
First word that comes to your mind when you see the word above you
From 1-10 how much do you like the person above you?
what you should do if you see a person above you in reality?
Give the person above you a nickname!
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Posted 6/1/13 , edited 6/2/13
Not sure I understand the methodology of your madness hitting on person above and below at the same time (schizoidal, suicide too). Didn't you used to drive a white van that had bars on the windows around town? Still have butterscotch? Yum, nice flavor, Alex. Whattaya mean, too old and wrong gender?

Person Above scenario:

If you were married to the person above you and diabetic which would have to go first if your life depended on it: Alex or the candy?

Person below scenario:

If you had a miracle machine in your grasp and could change anything about YOU (popularity, gender, race, height, weight, married, single, whatever) what ONE aspect would you change and post NEW choice?
Posted 6/2/13 , edited 6/2/13
I don't get this game, i thought you'd be telling us which game to go answer in the forums, and id have to find it....
like wuuts?

Anywhoo, as strange as this may sound, becuase a miracle machine doesnt exist id want to change ALOT, if it did exist however...
I wouldn't.

Nothing i can thing of, id rather take a risk from what i do/change now, but not change something from before.
Though i guess i have to choose something...
hmm... id give myself chubbier cheeks! I think its more attractive a cute looking <3.

Posted 6/2/13 , edited 6/2/13
Ahh woops: the person above me is now feeling.......?
Person below you is wearing.......?
Posted 6/2/13 , edited 6/3/13
The person sitting on me is what breed of koala?
Posted 6/2/13 , edited 6/3/13
A fluffy breed of Koala with a hint of tiger, the kind that eats apples?

The Ghost behind you is going to....?
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