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Posted 6/2/13 , edited 6/3/13
If you are interested in writing stories , you can swap notes here.
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I should have seen this before, huh? I guess now would be a better time then ever!

This is a hybrid of a larger story I created, and I decided to make it smaller.

Fall to Winter

It’s not what you’re thinking…” I hear a whisper from her lips, though she is far from me. I didn’t understand what could have called her out here like this, or really why she would have called me out here like this. My hands were beginning to go numb from the cold; the wind only making it worse with each gust. My coat had managed to keep my body warm, but nothing else.

“Claris… what is it?” I ask, after some silence had been exchanged between us. She stood still, not shifting from her position. She didn’t even bother to look me in the eyes, staring at the ground as the wind blew her dark brown hair further back. “Look, if this is about that money you owed me from the trip, think nothing of it.” I say to her, waving off the idea I had given her before. She didn’t need to pay me back.

“That’s not it.” She finally speaks, though it doesn’t last very long. I sigh heavily, allowing my breath to be taken into a mist by the cold. Vapor huh? Just like my dreams.

“What is it then? You’re not giving me much to go on you know.” She takes a step forward. I step back slightly, not expecting it. Though she was normally a straight forward girl, she had begun to act suspiciously since the trip we took during the fall. She had refused to talk to me for several weeks, never even sharing a glance. I had allowed myself to believe that she just didn’t like me, that I was nothing to her. She was always strange, but I never knew what I had said to hurt her. I had apologized to her each day for a week after, but still she seemed cold, far colder than the temperature outside.

“Do-don’t make me say it!” She picks up her voice around the last part. What was I making her say? It was strange to think that I had imposed anything on her since the trip.

Claris…” I say lightly, urging her to say something more than what I was hearing. I begin to turn around, walking in the opposite direction “If you don’t have anything to say-“ I was cut off with her sharp tongue.

“Stay! I’m talking to you!” I smile to myself, before turning around to face her again.

“You’re not doing much talking here you know…” I grin at her, but her face goes down again. “Can we at least go inside? It’s cold out here.” She looks up at me with a burning rage in her eyes.

“No! It has to be done here and now, or I’ll never say it!” I slouch down near a bench, sitting down on the cold wood. The park really was a nice place, even when it wasn’t covered in snow. She stays still, and again we are met by a silence.
What is she trying to say? I think to myself, glancing at her again. She was never this mute, never this reserved or unsure about herself. I was starting to become scared from the lack of hostile action she was taking towards me.

“Do you remember… when we went to the camp?” The root of the problem starts to become released with each word she utters, the mist carrying them to me.

“Of course I remember, it was only a month ago.” I say simply, rubbing my hands together.

It’s been that long…?” She asks quietly, though I know the question isn’t directed to me. She takes a deep breath, standing in front of me. Another breeze rolls through, but I stay frozen in place. I knew she was having a battle in her mind of some sort, but of what? More importantly, I wanted to know what she wanted with me of all people.

I…” her voice starts in a slow mumble. “I… I…” He voice starts to gain strength, as she turns up to face me. “I… I…” Her stuttering is enough for me to understand where she is going, but I know that such things are hard for her. What else could she possibly be trying to say?

“I get it.” I say finally, standing up from the bench that I had since made warm. She looks up at me, a tear in her left eye.

“You do?” She asks surprised, whipping her face.

“Don’t worry; I’m out of your hair.” I start to turn around. “It must have been hard to deal with me. You know how things end up when I’m around, awkward and such. You don’t want people to get the wrong idea, right?” She reaches out to me, but I just smile painfully.

“No, it’s not that, I just-“ it was me who cut her off this time.

“Don’t speak. It’ll be better if we just leave it off like this. I don’t hate you for it or anything; you have an image to uphold. Besides…” I start to walk now. “What I said while we sat under the trees during the fall was pushy, and I’m sure you already have your perfect one in mind. I’m just stupid…” I don’t dare to look back, since I know the view will only hurt me. It’s better to move on from these kinds of things early.

I hear footsteps from behind me, and before I know it I loose balance and fall. A weight is keeping me from rising. I turn around to find Claris on top of me, tears in a full fountain. I’m confused at first, but I keep silent.

“You’re right…” She whispers. “You really are an idiot…” I feel warmth in my chest. As she says this, snow steadily begins to fall down from the sky in thick clumps. I try to get up, but she forces me back down.

“Claris, what if someone sees us like this?” She puts her head to my chest.

“I don’t care…” The words linger on for a moment. “I don’t care because you’re the perfect one…”A shot of pain runs through my chest this time, keeping my body warm.

“You don’t mean-“ Her soft lips brush against mine. She tries to draw away, but I pull her back again, kissing her instead myself. She blushes, but looks away for a moment.

“Do-do-don’t get ahead of yourself…” I smile.

“Are you okay with this?” I ask, her face turning back towards me.

“I-I guess it wouldn’t be so bad…” I rise, pulling her up as well. She was shorter than me, though not by too much. Now that I thought about it, she was pretty cute.

“If you wanted to date, you could have just told me you know.” She kicks me lightly, though it hurts enough for me to complain.

“I said don’t get ahead of yourself!” I sigh, taking her hand in my own. “W-w-wah are yhu…”

“I never saw you as a romantic interest until the fall, to be honest.” She doesn’t try to pull away from my hand. “When I saw you there though, by the lake, I couldn’t help but stare…” She blushes when I turn to her. “I thought to myself, what would it be like to do the same? So I did. I walked up to you and sat down by the lake, letting my legs soak in the water.” I stay caught in a euphorically nostalgic past from a month ago. “I thought about what it would be like to hold your hand like that, to grow up by the river and swim in it every fall with you. It was a simple dream, I didn’t think about it seriously, but it was still inside my mind.”

“So…” She starts, grabbing my hand tighter. “You were thinking the same thing.”

“You could say that…” I finish off my thoughts answering her question as well.

“Beating around the bush like always.” I begin to walk, the snow gently coating the ground where I next lay my step.

“I’m the one who beats around the bush, huh?” I pick at her, but she doesn’t retort for once.

“I’m done with that…” She says back to me, smiling happily.

“Is that so true? Then why don’t you show me an example?” She stops me, pulling me towards her. Before I can do anything, she stands on her toes and kisses me, for a long moment again.

“I love you.” It was me who blushed this time.

“I…” She giggled. “I love you… too…” As we entered the school, I’m sure the fact went without saying; we were going to have one joyful Christmas.

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Posted 6/25/13 , edited 6/26/13
Well, I don't have anything published yet (when that shit starts rolling out, nothing's gonna stop this train from picking up speed), but I've been writing on and off since I was eleven (which is now eleven years ago o: ) and have been intending to turn it into my career for the last four.

I'm most of the way through writing a 600 page fantasy epic and I'm about a third of the way into a professional gig for a board game called Realm Clash. This also happens to be a fantasy story but it's based on everyone's favourite drinking and digging dwarves.

I don't know how many notes I can swap but if people want constructive criticism from me or simply impartial advice on plots, characters, settings etc I'll be happy to help when I have the time (which is most of the time). I'll say this though - if I can't get on with what someone gives me, I'll read as much as I can and offer crit based on what I've read. For a lot of people the main piece of advice I can give is read more books; contrary to popular belief, writing doesn't make you good at writing - reading does.
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