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Posted 6/4/13 , edited 6/5/13
...are recommended to play 1080p videos smoothly"

Anyone want to tell me which I don't have?,2817,2409923,00.asp

(Protip, I have them both. It's even a reasonable machine to play modern games on so streaming video should be no problem)

It constantly stutters and if I give it a minute to load it apparently loses interest and only loads a minute of video.
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Posted 6/4/13 , edited 6/5/13
Let me qualify my comments, I am not a network engineer but these are my impressions.

While watching in full screen and 1080p resolution, my CPU load is only 4% active and the GPU's load is only 5%. Speedtest returns 0.9 Mbps up and 9.5 Mbps down and I still sometimes get stuttering on 1080p and sometimes on 780p resolution, particularly in the evening which is to be expected in a residential area. Mornings are fine at 1080p.

What I have learned is measuring max speed is it is about worthless unless it is low. It only shows the max you reached during a time interval. It is like a car driving 100 miles at 5 mph and then falling off a cliff. Max speed occurs just as you hit the ground and ignores the long slow drive. Measurements using speedtest are given high priority by the networks so they look good.

What matters is sustained throughput and that is where I suffer watching videos sometimes. I see my download speed bounce around like a yoyo. I don't know if is a CR problem or a network problem. I think it is a network problem as when I use tools such as the speed test at visualware or the tools at M-Lab I get consistency of throughput problems listed.

I would love a network engineer to show my my errors, just stop after the 20th one. I know network management is difficult and the factors involved are complex and intertwined.

CR's videos play well enough that when I get one that stutters it doesn't really bother me enough to contact their help. If it gets severe, I will.

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Tyrfing wrote:
It constantly stutters and if I give it a minute to load it apparently loses interest and only loads a minute of video.

First the odds that this has anything to do with your laptop hardware are minimal, true. That being said speedtest is not a reliable judge of long term connectivity strength over a 24 minute 1080p video stream. That speedtest suggests you are located somewhere in the UK or Europe? If this is the case you will also see a connection downgrade when watching CR just due to the amount of travel your connection has to make to reach the CR servers.

There are also other factors, usage in your area can effect speeds. The more people online with your ISP in your area connecting to the internet the less bandwidth they have for you. There is also the question of CR's traffic. When a show first releases for example more people are trying to watch it than there would be at other times. The more people connecting to CR the harder CR's servers have to work to get that content out there.

Additionally you have to consider possible wireless networking issues as well. I have a home network that is without exaggeration very cutting edge for consumer level even I see intermittent wireless drops on a rare day. The reasons it happens is never clear, and typically within a minute or two they normally resolve themselves without me even doing anything. It is in truth just a very very complicated science running down a specific reason speed might suffer, from minute to minute your connection can go from great to ... not so great. Often it is for reasons that are even completely beyond anyone's control.

If the problem becomes persistent and never goes away my suggestion would be to contact CR Support by using the "Contact Us" link found underneath support at the bottom of the page. Also make sure any firewall, anti virus/malware, port filtering, or other security settings on your router and computer are configured too!

Thanks for using CR and best of luck getting these issues resolved.

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