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It would have to be between chain of memories, and 358/2 days. In both games Xion And Namine' both suffered the same fate in the end, Which really resonated with my heart (basically i cried like a little girl XD). but not only that, the storyplots they both had in common, though they weren't similar too much but there were some things they did have in common. In c.o.m sora was being forced to forget memories that had cherished, while gaining memories he never had before. To me the whole "The more you remember, The more you forget, The more you forget, the more you remember".
I thought that set the standard in the game and made it a really interesting storyplot (which i really liked alot ^_^). While playing it i found myself trying to make sure i remembered everything that happened prior to c.o.m (KH1). Made me feel like i had to do the remembering for sora myself ^_^. but throughout the game it really started to dawn on me that sora (even though he started losing his own memories) he did begin to make new ones, including the memories with namine. The adventures, the triumphs, and the pains they all experienced in castle oblivion brought them together, and made them stronger.

The quest to keep going to lose memories that he once had, only made me feel more connected with the game. In real life we as we all keep moving forward into the future, our memories will slowly start to slip away from us. So when sora kept pushing forward in Castle Oblivion, and his memories slowly started slipping from him, i could instantly relate, because it happens in real life. I just thought... what if i was sora, and i started to slowly lose my memories of my friends, and the things i cherished the most. In that thought i truly connected to the game, and found myself crying, I felt the pain sora felt inside the game, I totally became submersed into the game at that point. But ultimately all things come to an end. Sora comes tot he end of his journey only to realize that what he had experienced in C.O was only the beginning to something greater. He had to make a choice... To remember everything that happened in C.O, and forget his real memories, Or remember his real memories, and forget the ones he had gained in C.O, including the ones of namine'.

Think about it.. you go through all this chaos, just to make a decision that might rid you of all the memories you gained there... All the hardships you experienced with those that helped you through to the end (donald/goofy), which could relate to the friends you have in real life. The only way we remember our experiences is through memories, but experiences is what makes us stronger. wouldn't it be sad if you went through all that just to forget?. Especially when you make a new friend in the midst of it all?. But ultimately sora chooses his real memories over his experiences in C.O. Even though jiminny would right "thank Namine", just to forget who she was. Then watching namine' fade away with her last words.... at that point i felt like my heart was cracking in pieces... I couldn't bare the thought of myself ever forgetting or feeling like i'm leaving someone very dear to me behind. All in all, it was a very touching game, and to me i felt like you could relate it to some things in life. Definitely a darn good game!

358/2 Days

Now this game did some damage to me inside XD. Well i was originally going to skip this game, i thought because it was roxas's side of the story, that it wasn't going to be that important. But i was looking at some forums, and i saw some information that made me jump right into this game, i had to see for myself...

Well to start off, i have to say initially i didn't like the new panel system it had for upgrading yourself and all that. The graphics were pretty bad, i must say (but as i played along my eyes adjusted). Well basically you all know you play as roxas in the organization. He is accompanied by axel, his companion on missions. roxas and axel clicks up real well as you play through the game. But then another is added on to the roster, a girl named xion. initially xion is quiet and doesn't really expose herself to anyone, (but like any start to a relationship, you don't open up until you know you can trust the other person enough to reveal your true self). Once xion finally opens up the roxas, the three were inseperable, sitting on top of the clock tower every sunset, eating those salty-sweet popsicles, just reminiscing on the day that had just gone by, and the future ahead.

It is usually at that spot where they would really open up and say how they really felt, whether it would be questioning themselves, or things that didn't make sense to them, it was like the only time they could actually be themselves outside of missions. But they found something even greater out there... Friendship... it is this that brings them together closer than anything... even as they stare at other's, and actually questions what friendship's are, questioning such actions such as people laughing or just people being together around eother, it was the very thing that they were doing. roxas always proposing that they would always stay friend's forever and they would always be together. sadly axel had to play both sides of the field, they all did at one point, until xion started realizing something was not right.

At this point in the game, i'm totally sucked in. Once again that element of friendship, experiences, and memories come into play. no one in the game never really questioned much up until xion began to question everything... just like sora in C.O.M, xion was having memories that were not her's. the reason for that was xion had a special ability that can slowly drain roxas's abilty to wield the keyblade, thus being able to wield it herself... but along with that came the memories from sora. xion knew that she needed answers... thus she left the organzation, even though axel had recaptured her, xion had a mash up of memories coming from all which way while she was in her coma like state. At this point i knew something was not right with xion... it almost foreshadowed the ending for me, but i kept playing on, my heart in a knot the whole time. eventually as the game goes on. she finally escapes and meets riku.. riku is protecting sora, so he can regain his memories peacefully, They get in an altercation... when knocked down, riku call her a "puppet", he also told her that if she does not give herself to sora, then he will have to force her to (obviously, destroy her). I than began to realize that xion wasn't exactly who she believed to be a first and xion knew it too.

Things began to get hot back at home, it seemed like the crew was all splitting (which made me kind of sad). First you got roxas who is confused and hurt by the constant disappearance of xion. Axel is keeping things away from roxas, and xion is nowhere to be found, and when she is there for the little time she is, she barely says much and walks away. Roxas begins to becomes upset and hurt so much, he doesn't think axel is really his friend, and decides to depart himself. By this time xion has already experienced the truth and knows what she needs to do. Prior to leaving the organization, axel warns roxas that xion isn't who he thinks she is, but roxas does not want to hear any of it. he decides to leave the organization, even leaving axel behind. hurt and betrayed he simply walks past axel "no one will miss me" he says. axel is then saddened with an "I will" he responds. already i was in tears, i knew that there is going to be something big happening.

When roxas finally finds xion up top on the tower, i braced myself. They talk for a bit, roxas excited to see xion, but xion saddened by the truth of her existence. She then tells roxas "The person you will see will be a boy, That is who i really am)---> not her exact words, but close enough XD. she takes off her hoody, and you see sora. roxas at this point is confused, but he has seen that boy before.... xion walks forward out of the tower standing in mid air... she then transforms into a Huge nobody, practically scaling the tower. I've never cried during a battle before, this was the first battle i actually cried at while actually fighting. because i actually though like how can this cute adorable person, who had such hopes, made new friends, went on many adventure, had many experiences, even gaining her own memories.. how could she be this monstrous nobody!. but of course we all know she from day one, was created by the organization to steal the power from roxas, to gain control of the keyblade, so they wouldn't need roxas anymore. but what the organization didn't expect, was that their "puppet" would gain a mind of her own and become her own person will real thoughts and feelings.

Similar to pinocchio. she became a real person inside... the organization had no control over her, she gained real friends, real memories, real feelings, real experiences... once i finally finished the battle, what happened next made me cry harder than a new born baby. they both are at the bottom of the tower, roxas holding xion in his hands, as xion's existence begins to fade away... roxas begins to forget who xion was.. he questions "who are you".. inside roxas fells like he knows her from somewhere, but doesn't know who she is at all... she assures roxas that no matter what their memories will always be inside him (meaning sora), that she will always be remembered. none of what they experienced will be forgotten... At this point i had to sit my ds off to the side, and i cried so hard i could barely breathe, my throat felt like it was sealed for good... I thought she gained all these feelings, and experiences, the memories she had... just to lose it all... someone who became real, who was never meant to exist, existed!. it's sooo sad to think that she will fade away leaving behind everything she ever cherished. what gripped my heart was when i put it into real life perception. basically death. xion reminded of someone simply dying in the real world... we all gain memories, we gain friends, we gain experiences.. but one day we will have to leave it all behind. Our existence will merely lye in the memories of those who remember us... This made me really question my own existence alot... but eventually she faded away entirely and thus the beginning oh (KH2).

Final Conclusion

What I Loved About Both These Games Is The Similarities They Have With Eother And Real Life. In Each Game They Gained So Much Of What We Gain In Our Real Lives, But They Lose That As Well, Just As We Will One Day... Playing These To Games Made Me Question What Is Existence?, And How Important Memories Are To Each And Everyone Of Us... Everytime I Think Of Xion, I Start To Tear Up, Because I Find It Extremely Sad... Imagine If You Met Someone Who Became Dear To You, Then You Found Out That Person Was Never Meant To Exist And Suddenly Their Existence Fades Away... And You See This, But You Cant Remember Who The Person Was, But You Know That You Know Them From Somewhere, And That They Were Very Special To You... Imagine How You Would Feel On The Opposite End, If You Were Fading Away.. What Would Have Been Your Last Words To That Special Someone, Before Your Existence Fades Away?... The Ending To Both Games Were Similar In The Fact That They Both Deal With Existence And Memories, But They Dealt With Them Differently. In C.O.M Sora Forgets His Memories Of Namine', Though Her Existence Faded Away From Sora, Her Existence Did Not Fade From Life... (You See Her Again In 2). In 358/2 Days, Xion Memories Faded From Roxas Completely, And So Did Her Existence... Roxas Would Never See Xion Again... Where As Sora Did See Namine' Again. Imagine You Were Roxas... Someone Dear To You Has Faded Away... You Know They Were Important To You.. But You Can Never Remember Who They Were.. Imagine Going Through Life Like That.. You Will Always Feel A Deep Sinking Feeling Inside Your Heart, A Hole, Like Something Is Missing... You Know It's Someone.. But You Never Will Remember Who... Ever Since I Played 358/2 Days I've Become More Sensitive To Memories. Because Memories Is What's Left After Our Existence Is Gone... Our Memories Will Carry On... Through Those They Exist In... I Was Listening To Xion's Theme About 3 Days Ago... And I Wrote Some Thought's Down.

"Memories Are What Exist After The Physical Form Of Someone Has Faded Away... Once Gone, The Existence Of That Someone Lies Within Us, They Are Never Truly Gone Until We Truly Forget. It Is Harder To Hold On To Memories, Than To Actually Hold Onto Those You Care About. We Have To Hold On Harder To Memories, Than A Physical Form Or Shape. Memories Have No Form Or Shape, So When You Remember Someone, It Means Your Digging Down Deep Inside To Bring That Person To The Surface... The Closest To Life A Person Who Has Faded Away Can Be, Is Through Memories. Once They Are Gone Their Memories Go On Through Us, They Live Through Us, In Each Of Our Hearts, We Carry Them Along Through The Rest Of Our Existence... So They Exist With Us. They Are Never Truly Gone.. Their Physical Form May No Longer Be With Us, The Prints They Left Behind May Have Gone Away... But The Hearts They Touched, They Exist In. They Are Me, They Are You. They Are All Of Us. Does Existence Depend On Whether Or Not Your Remembered By Anyone?... If I Walked Through Life, And No One Remembered Me, Or Even Knew Who I Was... Does That Mean I Exist?, If They Dont Even Know I Exist?. Is Existence Based Of Memory... If Someone Can Remember That They Have Seen You Before Somewhere, Is It Then In That Moment That You Exist, When Others Can Remember You?. If No One Could Remember You, Or Knew Who You Were?. How Do You Leave Your Mark On This Earth When There Is No One To Carry Your Existence Through Their Memories, If They Cant Remember You?. You Will Simply Fade Away, And At That Moment... Is When You Truly Die... Never Forget To Remember... Our Existence Depends On It..."

Thanks To All Those That Actually Read Through All This, I Know It Was Alot. But These 2 Games Really Touched Me.. It Did Something To My Heart.. It Really Made Me Open My Eyes, To My Existence, And The Memories I Cherish...

In My Opinion, Id Say Both Are My Favorites, But If I HAD To Pick, Slight Edge Would Go To 358/2 Days. Mostly, Because It's Slightly More Relatable To What I Experience In My Life, And My Thoughts, It Resonated With My Heart On A More Personal Level. But C.O.M Only A Thread Behind. So It's Not Much Farther Behind, Barely.
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