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Post Reply Bleach is the best right now
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Posted 6/22/13 , edited 6/23/13

Bashment wrote:

Are u kidding me right now? To be honest The writer of that manga is making shit up as he go. All he's trying to do is connect past events in this new arc and it's being done poorly. This last chapter kinda ticked me all these damn soul reapers seems to know everything about ichigo so nonchalantly ooooooooh zangetsu is not your zanpakuto he is your quincy power. As I said Making stuff up as they go we know what zangetsu is and now they will completely change him. Gimme a fucking break. They need to end that manga and never bring back the anime.

This manga has been going down the shit hole for a very long time.

I will have to defend bleach for the first time here.
''All these damn souls reapers seem to know everything about Ichigo.''. Where did you take that from? The only soul reaper who knew that, was the one was the father of all zanpakuto's (Which I think makes no sense cause Ichigo's zanpakuto wasn't made, it just popped out.). So logically, if he's the one who thought of the zanpakuto's and he can SEE the real inhabitants of the zanpakuto (Those girls around him are actually all zanpakutos.), so maybe he noticed Ichigo's ''Zangetsu'', and put the pieces together.
What your complaining about, has no thought put behind it. The plot twists are pretty good, and decently thought through.

One Piece and Naruto have been shit from the very start. One Piece for having a shitty main story, and relying too much on the side-stories. Naruto for not going tor a consistent story, but rather making it up as they go like ''Oh now Orochimaru is suddenly good, Saske moved his heart'', or ''Why don't we make a big war between dead ancient hokages, and normal ninjas. It will be fucking awesome''.
The current Bleach feels much better.
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Posted 7/3/13 , edited 7/4/13
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