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Posted 6/5/13 , edited 6/5/13
Hello all

So as of Jun 4, SE posted a list of the server names and there regions. I know the server list is currently that for the beta phase 3 coming up soon, but I'm being optimistic that most (if not all) these servers will around at launch.
I thought this would be a great place to be able to post possible character names, what server(s) people may be planning to go to, and just have general discussions.

This gives everyone a chance to talk with friends/family at this site, and possibly others, to figure out where they are going to be playing. This also gives Newcomers to this site ( like myself ) and newcomers to the game a place to see people and really get to know them.

Note: This thread is not meant to be a "Set in Stone" topic but more of "Just thinking about it" . Things change constantly, but if people are talking about it now its just that much easier to adjust later.

As for me...

Character(s) name: Atonement, Magmanous, or Justicar
Class(es): Primary=> Dragoon, Secondary=> Paladin
Crafting Job(s): ????
Server: waiting to see where people are going (and who will put up with me )

(p.s. I know i can be all jobs and classes, that's just where I'm going to put my focus at when the game starts)
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Posted 6/7/13 , edited 6/7/13
Here you go. The servers!

NOTE! - Remember, just because a World is recommended for a certain region does NOT mean the World can only be joined by players from that region.
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