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Posted 6/8/13 , edited 3/26/17
If you are having tech issues on the site, or with an app, please use the appropriate Help forum.
A lot of questions can be answered by taking a look at our Help Topics.

Can't get past "free trial" option when signing up for premium and have already used free trial
Use one of these direct links to the plans if you are having trouble bypassing a free trial offer that you can't use.
Plan Comparison - click "Skip the free trial"

CR Points
Thank you Serenity_07 for this write up!

Image uploaded in forum post doesn't display - (March 2017)

Uploaded GIF problems:

BB Code
Thank you 1mirg for this write up!


OP/ED Subtitles?

Having trouble finding something using Search

Boxee Box

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Posted 12/23/14 , edited 12/23/14
Updated 12/23/2014 with new Censorship and OP/ED Subtitles? sections!
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Posted 3/8/15 , edited 3/26/17
Updated 3/8/2015 with:

- addition of info on problems with gifs uploaded to Crunchyroll

- removal of embedded music player info (Crunchy hasn't had this capability for a while)

Updated 6/30/15 with some changes to CR Points.

Updated 8/23/15 with addition of direct links to purchase Premium and Premium Plus plans.

Updated around 11/28/15 with addition of how to use Google to search CR site (if CR's search doesn't find something you think is there)

Updated 1/29/16 - CR points. Premium members no longer get 1000 points per month. Confirmed in Ezgi's recent post:

Updated 3/26/2017 - Added section about image upload bug.
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