Kagamine Len fanart
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Hey these are really good i would post some but i haven't got a scanner to do anything right now i have at college so iu guess i'll post something on tuesday. :D

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Thanks a lot (*´・v・)! Can't wait to see what you post once you get your hands on a scanner~ or possibly get a camera to take photos of your drawings?
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Wow such amazing work!~ Do you have a website where you post your work? I'd love to see more.
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I do~ though everything is all scattered on my blog, here's what my main art tag is (I forget to tag a lot of my stuff) but also warning that there is shounen ai and gore in the tag ( ;´Д`)/ plus my art style comes in quite the variety-
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Your drawing of Len is so good! So much better than mine!
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finding an active group is hard, I agree. ( Q w Q ) / Especially those with contest and such.
There's always rp groups in Deviantart ...quite different but ...it's something at least. I'm planning to join a few this month...hopefully. haha
Btw, +followed<3
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Closed because OP nuked. also, year end cleaning (closing threads with no activity since 2014)
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