Stopping Convention Harassment
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I have to agree with the Authors that the latter has gone too far and that the former has to stop now. I have ideas for what to do about the former, and I am in contact with the Author of the article too.

Does anyone else who goes to conventions want to get in on this?

My Ideas:

A Convention Rover's Network (and Content Moderator's Network):
To exchange ideas and tips for stopping and dealing with this

To coordinate group rover cos-plays because I have a feeling that the Avengers telling someone to cut that out might be more effective than some random guy, but perhaps I am wrong

The group rover cos-play idea translates to group Content Moderator RPing

A network of people dedicated to exposing and outing people who do things like stalk, take stalker photos, grope, womanize, make rape jokes, slut shame, race shame, bully LGBTQ and so on via:

Exposing them to the people they are stalking in some fashion

Asking them "May I take your picture?", if get a "yes", take it, post their picture and a description of what they did on a group Facebook Page, Twitter Hashtag, tumblr, and so on.

Handing out red cards to people caught doing these fowl things

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Stalking I doubt is much of an issue at cons, stalker photos maybe (creeper pics yes), groping yes (pinching and feeling), open and not much of a deal most times, rape jokes may offend but so can cancer and AIDS jokes (not a problem really, people get offended). Slut shaming is mainly done online and doubt it is much of a problem at the cons. Race maybe, but not quite sure. Bullying LGBT couples possibly.

Some I agree with, others not so much. Cosplayers need to expect pics taken anyways, no matter where they are, except when eating of course, universal law lol. If I were to Cosplay I would expect pics being taken of me even sitting down to rest or waiting in line. I expect to creep accidentally in a shot.

AX '13 expecting a record number of attendees (500k+ last year I think?). You can make people aware, but at least 1% would have taken your pic before the 4th day anyways. If you are in the main hall it might jump, exhibit hall might be the same or lower, and to events it might lower.

Makes no difference if I cosplay or not, I still expect to creep inside shots. Cosplay, I will always expect both front and back, even from above.

I agree on awareness, but not handing cards or posting their pics, because they can be generally innocent and mistaken of the hundreds of people swarming around that one person or group.
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this isnt what this post originally said, but since my thread was censored i am changing it to this. since the other thread was closed cause it was "essentially" a double post that means that this wont be considered offtopic here.

Sarging is a term used by the pickup artist communities for engaging in conversation to pickup beautiful women.
i read a thread recently that someone mentions people should callout and shame or even remove men from cons who engage in womanizing/sarging. i for one am married and i dont do that sort of thing, but i have many male friends that love to go to cons to try and pickup hot otaku girls. i dont think that is wrong or they should be called out for it. are they sexually assaulting or being creepers, no. are they creating meaningful relationships with women that they may or may not ever see again, no! what they are really doing is creating memories for all parties involved sometimes great memories, sometimes dissapointing ones, but arent memories the real reason that we go to cons?
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ive been to cons, and i take loads of pictures or everything. when there are 25 people taking a picture of a person in costume, do you expect all those people to stand in line and get permission one by one? there is this little law, called reasonable expectation of privacy, so as long as im not taking pictures of a person in the bathroom or some other private area, i have the same rights as the media, i can take pictures if i like. as long as im not stalking or assaulting anyone or breaking the rules of the con, i am protected by law.
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