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Posted 6/9/13 , edited 6/9/13
Hey, check this out:

The author had this to say about Ichiruki:

"Bleach identifies Ichigo as the most asexual hero in the history of shounen manga and anime. Rukia is his battle-buddy, and even Tite Kubo has shot down this pairing. Even Ichigo's English and Japanese voice actors have shot it down, both of them saying they prefer Orihime. And yet, IchiRuki fans are some of the most militant among all the shippers!"

What does he mean by asexual? Ichigo has blushed around females in Bleach.
I haven't seen anything about TIte Kubo shooting down the pairing, but after that one beach spread he tweeted with those two I have a hard time believing that. And VA's aren't the authors of Bleach so their opinions about a ship don't really matter.
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