Angel Beats discussion thread *spoilers*
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Posted 6/9/13 , edited 6/15/13
This will be the discussion thread for the recommended anime for the week of May/26/2013. By all means spoil to your hearts content (no spoilers necessary) .
Favorite scene from Angel Beats. Yui goes so beautifully; it's hard to watch.
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Posted 6/11/13 , edited 6/11/13
oh my GOSH! i cried so hard when hinata tells her that he will marry her no matter what...

and of course. when tachibana gets obliterated and all otonashi can do is grasp the air to try to keep her near. .

AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I grabed my head and cried my eyes out.

ANGEL BEATS ROCKS.!!!!!!!!!!!!
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