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Posted 6/9/13 , edited 6/10/13
I've been a long time user of the PS3 Crunchy Roll app, and have been using the 360 version for about a month. The 360 version has proven more stable than its PS3 counterpart on my PS3 system (launch day 60GB) and I've used it for some series that the PS3 just craps out on, in particular The Pet Girl of Sakurasou and Medaka Box both couldn't launch on the PS3. While the 360 version does prove more stable, its inferior to the PS3 app in terms of navigation and functionality in my opinion.

1) The PS3 que will show me the coming soon screen with days remaining till the episode's post when I've watched all currently released episodes. The 360 version does not show this information after I've been watching instead just showing the previous episodes thumbnail with an indication I've watched it all the way through. This is annoying as its nice to be able to scroll through a que and see when my shows will next air quickly.

2) While I believe its a limitation of the 360's OS the in media navigation is not as efficient as the PS3's. The PS3 app allows you to fast-forward or rewind at a various amount of speeds and then release the trigger button to start playing at that point. The 360 app forces you to bring up a menu bar, then you have to view the point your fast-forwarding or rewinding to in a thumbnail (that lags and isn't accurate) and then press play to start at that point. The result is it takes much longer to get to a point you want on the 360 app than it does on the PS3.

3) While I like the tile layout the 360 app isn't as well laid out as the PS3 version. For my que its about on par navigation wise (with the exception I pointed out in #1) but for finding a specific anime, or trying to find a new show its frustrating compared to the way the PS3 version handles it. The PS3 version flips through anime cover art like you flip through albums in iTunes, where as the 360 app makes it a lot slower.

I know it took an amazing amount of dev time to make this 360 app, and there's no way I could do better, however I wanted to provide some honest feedback to help the team make an awesome product that much better.
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Posted 6/10/13 , edited 6/10/13

I'll point Dev and Design over this way for you!
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