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Posted 6/28/13 , edited 6/29/13
Written by SlayerNatsu

At long last, the second season of Oreimo has finally begun! Kirino is back from America; from the looks of it, she has become an even bigger otaku. Yes, she is still as tsundure as ever, but that's what we love about her.

The story picks up three months after last season's finale. Kirino is forced by her older brother Kyosuke to come back to Japan, against her will I might add. She has become ultra popular considering her manga has been turned into an anime. Although some things never change, she still gives her brother the same attitude before she went to study overseas. Despite the way she acts; still finds the need to confide in someone, aka Kyosuke, about her secret hobby.

Of course there are other characters, such as the girls in Kirino's anime group. Saori- the leader of "Anime Girls Unite ," created her club to find friends with similar hobbies. Ruri-wears gothic lolita clothing based from her favorite anime series. She loves Kyosuke, but vows to make him confess to her. Each episode is designed to shed more light on each character's personality and back-story. I would say the best is Saori's episode. Although frail and shy as a child, she describes the difficulties she overcame to form her anime club.

The animation is top notch even with the studio change between seasons. I'm in love with the music. Think of "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya " and you'll know what I mean. The Japanese pop duo "ClariS, " once again provides us with a catchy, feel-good opening theme. A contest was held to determine the ending theme song's so obviously, there are many. They range from upbeat, to somber, to peaceful and soft....I loved them all!

There are no cons per se; I would say it doesn't stray to far from the first season. By that I mean there isn't much to differentiate from either season. That being said, for most, that wont be a problem as it continues to be one of the most popular shows this Spring. Why mess with a proven formula, right?

Without a doubt, Oreimo is my favorite this season, right along with Yuyushiki. If you're interested in an anime about a tsundere otaku model(honestly, who isn't ), then Oreimo 2 is the show you've been waiting for!
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Posted 7/2/13 , edited 7/2/13
Arguably, this season felt a bit lax compared to the original first season who's steam came, primarily, from the tensed relationship between Kyousuke and Kirino. That same tension has eased out as we're drawn into a more dynamic relationship being formed between the two, and because of that the second season feels predictable. It's cool to see Kyousuke and Kirino acting more sibling-like and it's also cool that their characters are developing, emotionally - but this is at the expense of bending around the edges of otherwise otaku-crazed fantasies that border near incestuous.

Still, if you've read the light novels, you know that the anime is pretty spot on, given a few liberties here and there, but otherwise pretty much following where the story arcs are supposed to go. I believe it's an intrinsic flaw in the plot of the series, as a whole, because the Kyousuke X Kirino arc is pretty much a dead end all together, unless someone pulls out a fast one like they did in the first rendition of the Oreimo PSP games (if anyone has played that game, you'd know what I mean if you were able to unlock the "ideal" Kirino arc).
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