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Posted 7/10/13
Written by Onymous

With a name like The Severing Crime Edge, I’m not even sure why a promotional piece is necessary for this anime. It is the anime equivalent of the band Guitar Wolf. Regardless of whether or not it is actually good, or what you hear about it, the sheer audacity of the name demands that you see for yourself.

Also like Guitar Wolf, The Severing Crime Edge is very different from what you would expect. Rather than a gritty, real life crime drama revealing the cutting edge of modern crime organizations to its viewers, the series follows a group of Japanese school students with strange powers. If that sounds a little too typical for you, keep reading.

The characters of interest are the descendants of psychopaths and serial killers who have inherited both their ancestors murderous urges and their killing tools. These indestructible implements of murder, known as Killing Goods, are cursed by the deeds their masters committed to drive their descendants to similar acts.

Kiri Haimura, the protagonist, is the descendant of the most dangerous serial killer in history, a notorious psychopath that killed over 200 people with a unique pair of serrated scissors. Yep, scissors. You guessed it, the scissors are Crime Edge.

Anyway, Kiri has been using these scissors for years to cut his family's hair. As a natural consequence, he has developed into quite the hair fetishist. Unfortunately none of the girl has a head of hair that meets his sophisticated tastes.

When Kiri learns that there are legends of a long-haired ghost girl residing in a mansion he, of course, must go check it out with his scissors. There he meets Iwai Mushanokoji, a girl with uncuttable hair. Normally one would imagine this would make them mortal enemies, but like Cinderella and the glass slipper, his magical scissors are the only thing capable of cutting her magical hair. As it turns out, Iwai has some sort of curses of her own linked to all of the Killing Goods and her invincible hair.

It’s hard not to appreciate the care that was put into this concept, as strange as it is. The small things really add a sense of authenticity to the animes twisted universe. A secret organization known as Gossip, which enjoys watching murders, has taken interest in these special killers and developed a sphere of terminology to describe the phenomena around them. They labelled these tools Killing Goods, named their wielders Authors, and noticed that many of them can suppress their urges by performing faux murders with trusted individuals called Insteads.

Despite it’s high school romance art style, the series is probably has more in common with Speed Grapher than your average romcom. The Authors' killing urges border on, or spill right over the edge into, fetish. A lot of the themes are mature, if not downright twisted. Somehow the series still manages to come across as the story of the white knight saving the princess. In this case, maybe just as part of a Hannibal film... in a BDSM club...
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