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Posted 7/10/13
Written by SlayerNatsu

Three high school girls, two computers, and one after-school club. There was a time I asked myself "Why am I watching this?" however, I realized the's outrageously funny! It's been awhile since I was caught off guard with a gag, something that YUYUSHIKI does repeatedly.

Our three protagonists are Yui, Yuzuko, and Yukari. Yui is the straight man, the only one with common sense, but pretty uptight. Yuzuko is wild and free. She says whatever pops into her mind, whether it be "curry bread" or "dream." She provides most of the laughs. Yukari is the typical anime standard of a rich girl minus one thing; she mimics whatever hair brained scheme Yuzuko has planned.

Yuyushiki is in the vein of other great anime comedies such as "YuruYuri" or "Mistudomoe." The story consists of our trio of main character's everyday lives. They go to their Data Processing Club, surf the Internet for random oddities, have sleep overs at each other's houses, go to the pool, etc. If you are searching for a deep, life-changing story look elsewhere. It's about the comedy, all about the comedy!

There was one particular gag, where Yuzuko wanted to test if a karate chop will really knock someone(Yui) out, like in the movies. It had me laughing; the real kicker was almost ten minutes afterwards, out of the blue she tried it again! It was completely unexpected I couldn't contain myself and burst out loud laughing. I'll give one more example: "motivation beam!" you will know what I mean when you watch *wink wink*. I found myself genuinely appreciating the humor in Yuyushiki!

The animation reminds me of a modern day "Azumanga Daioh" or "Lucky Star." The exaggerated expressions on their faces are priceless. The music compliments the anime very well. So good that it's barely noticeable which, in my opinion, perfect. The opening theme "One Two" gets you pumped for the show, and the ending "Affection" makes you desire more of it.

YUYUSHIKI doesn't have giant robots, time traveling aliens, or any ninjitsu. What it does have is impeccable humor. Even though I have high hopes for YUYUSHIKI, I haven't been disappointed in the slightest. If you're on the fence don't be, do yourself a favor; add YUYUSHIKI to your Crunchyroll Queue today!
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