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F / Florida, USA
Posted 6/11/13 , edited 6/12/13
I know a lot of us have made stories and we can't have a story without characters. So this is just a place to to make up (or share) any characters that come inside your head. You can create as many as you like.


Physical description
Background story
Any other information unique to the character (powers, skills, etc.)

Have fun with it!
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28 / M / UK
Posted 6/12/13 , edited 6/12/13
I am currently writing a film which is based around 4 mercenaries brought in by the government to help cull a mutant race that seem to be attacking the world. But the theme and styles are based around anime characters.



Physical description
Average build nothing out of the ordinary, very good looking and well groomed, but no real distinguishable features

Background story
Much like his physical background, he has no noticeable background to his life, he was brought up in a normal family father and mother but no siblings. At a very young age his parents could tell he was good athletic child with a good head on his shoulders and to help reach his potential they sent him to a private school who had a reputation of only having the best come through their system. Little did the family know that this school was actually build to produce mercenaries which is why grades were so good. During his time there Alfa was taught the how to fight with a sword and put though tough athletics courses, as well as the mentally draining test. At the age of 20 Alfa was the youngest ever student to progress to S class, and by 22 was the top mercenary at the school, which was why the school put him forward when the government came calling.

Any other information unique to the character (powers, skills, etc.)
Like any good swordsman, Alfas sword would represent his personality, which is why Alfa has a big flamboyant sword that he carries around on his back ( like of like Itchigos sword from Bleach or Clouds sword from Final Fantasy). Though he has no superpowers Alfa is trained to be that bit quicker and that bit smarter then most other people. The other real distinguishable feature is Alfa's array of suits. Though in the film he will be sporting a red suit
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F / Florida, USA
Posted 6/21/13 , edited 6/21/13
Guess I'll do one too lol. This is a character from a story I'm currently thinking of

Name: Natsuma

Age: 26

Physical Description: Natsuma is about average height, should length black hair, wears glasses, brown eye.

Background Story:
Natsuma is a no nonsense girl. Everything had to be just right with her. Nothing should go wrong as long as she was organized she thought. Eventually, she met a guy name who was well organized himself but mistakes still came to him but he knew how to roll with the punches better than she can. Through various interactions with each other and seeing how well he handled unexpected situations, she eventually fell in love with him and accepts to marry him. Setting up everything for the wedding was going well until a few days before the wedding when unexpected after unexpected started to happen. Her wedding day will be on big test of how she will handle this now might be disaster.

Other Info: None
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23 / F / The Flying Pussyf...
Posted 7/8/13 , edited 7/9/13
Name: Rudy
age: 10
Physical Descrip: curly hair, has a huge smile, short and skinny, very athletic, has dimples
Background story:
he is emotionally disturbed, picks on his younger brother(horribly), who is just a year younger. gets angry quick, and quickly gives up when he feels cheated. He was abused by his teen mom. His father was stabbed many times. He has Two much older brothers, both of which have been sent to juvenile hall. He can barely read, and has no interest in books. He likes to play candy land, but doesnt want to be the last player to take a turn.

other info: his teachers & Principal have given up on him. His path seems to lead to a psychopathic muder.

this person exists in real life
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23 / M / Tamriel
Posted 7/11/13 , edited 7/17/13
A sci-fantasy character I've been designing.

Name: Sulac
Gender: Male
[apparent] Age: 39

Appearance: A somber figure at roughly 6 feet, two grey eyes peer cold and intentive at the world from under the hood of a worn grove green cloak. Light hair lines his chin, an unkempt beard starting its existence underneath a seemingly perpetual and neutral frown. Brown hair of the darkest shade-- black, one might be inclined to call it --perches upon a rounded nose, falling to the sides of the grey observers, unattended. Burrowed underneath the grove green fiber is an earthen vest of pouches -- some empty, some squared, some lumpy -- draped over a navy tunic. A harness criss-crosses his waist, securing a katana of pristine condition to his left, tassel of vivid ruby flaunting the hilt. Its onyx blade hidden within an unassuming wood sheath. Mucked linens embrace the legs, color lost to dirt, receding into supple boots of black plating. Gloves of the same black plating flex with dextrious hands, still, anticipating the world. The grove green mantle encompasses the whole, concealing all but a piercing curiosity.

Personality: Reserved and concise, few words loose this one's lips. Appearing without warning, he blends into the earth, an enigma faster than the wind. Yet a kindness shows in his actions, subtle yet ever present; a glimmer of his true nature.

Brief History: An anonymous traveller skilled in spellcraft. Few have seen him and fewer still claim an acquaintance.

True Brief History:
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22 / M
Posted 7/14/13 , edited 7/14/13
Name: Aleksandar Diablo
Gender: male
Physical Description : messy hair, atlethic body, average height, green eye
Background story:
He is the offspring of a demon and a human, he realize that he's a half demon when a girl named Acura Angelus (the offspring of a angel and a human) sense his dark power and tell him that he's a half demon. He tell her that he don't wanna be an evil person he wanna do a good things, so she taking him to a camp (Daystar) where the offsprings of angel gather and train for battle. At first the campers don't accept him but slowly they accept him especially when he save the camp from the attack of demons.

other info (weapon,skills,transformation)
weapon : sword (something like Zanpakutō)
skill : Asura Cross ( It's like Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshō), Hell Raiser (It's like Oga Tatsumi's Zebul Blast from Beelzebub)
Transformation: Demon Phase 1 (description : in this phase Alexandar is surrounded by a black aura,
sprouts two demon-like wings and there are two horns that comes out from his head (like Devil Jin From Tekken).
Demon Phase 2 (he become more like a demon and surrounded by a red aura)
Demon Phase 3 (he become a demon and surrounded by a purple aura)

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24 / F / the middle of now...
Posted 7/17/13 , edited 7/17/13
Name: Marjaan ( its a precious stone in urdu. red. ) Yahya
Age: 19
Physical apearence :
he is tall and slim. about 6ft. with beautifully tanned skin, and haunting green eyes. straight black hair that fall on his forehead. hes sexy as hell.
Stuff about him :
dresses sophesticatedly. likes alcholol but it doesnt get to him much. Hes sweet but strangly mysterious with a dark aura around him. he has a kind heart. misses his girlfriend alot who died and always wears a ring she gave him once.
he is the son of a rich buisnessman. his father is into prostitution aswell. he pities the girls and tries to help them. doesnt get along with his father so he is sent off to a posh college in another city and becomes another over indulgent rich kid with his friends until his younger brother comes to take him back and they unite as one to stand against what their father is doing.
other stuff:
marjaan is awesome when it comes to shooting with pistols and fighting with bare hands.
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19 / M / Reincarnated in A...
Posted 8/20/13 , edited 8/20/13
I started writing a short character-based story for fun about an ex-magical girl who fights the magical girl system for decieving those who contract with them. Although, I decided to drop it after MadokaMagica came out... Anyway, this the the main character for that story.

Name: Kyuuto (Cute)
Age: 17
Physical Appearance: Kyuuto is just an ordinary high school girl now, about 156cm tall, and soft pale skin (from avoiding going outside). The only features that stand out are her long dyed-yellow (not blonde) hair and unnaturally green eyes (aftereffects from when Kyuuto was a magical girl). And if I remember correctly, I think I made her never wear footwear except for a pair of white kneesocks...
Background: Kyuuto has always been a sweet girl. Her parents doted on her and there wasn't anyone who could hate her. Everything was fine until she unintentionally witnessed a murder take place in front of her own eyes. Since then, Kyuuto has been obsessed with preventing that from ever happening again. One day, though, she came across just what she was looking for- a magical animal, Raki (lucky) the Rabbit. Thus, the classic contract between girl and familiar was formed. For a time, Kyuuto was a successful magical girl, fighting for justice and all that. However when Kyuuto tried to save one of her comrades from perishing in an accident, she finds out that it was actually a murder attempt from that girl's own familiar. It is revealed to her that magical girls are disposed of after 2 years of service, as they become less cooperative with the familiars and know too much about the secrets of the system, and a new one is recruited. When she questions her own familiar, Raki, she finds out that he disapproved of the system, and tried to save her from that fate. Because of that, he was being targeted by other magical girls and familiars as a traitor. In a last ditch attempt to save her friend, Kyuuto sacrifices her own powers to turn him into a human, thereby forcing the familiars to cease their efforts in order to continue deceiving the other magical girls. That incident changed Kyuuto from a sweet and innocent girl into a cold realist, and instead fights against the magical girls and familiars for putting Raki in danger. That is where the story begins...
Other Information: Kyuuto's name is never revealed, and she herself goes by "Kyuuto" even after becoming a normal girl again. Both her and Raki (who is now a human and acts as mostly comic relief) live together in an apartment room. She fights against the magical girls with an ordinary gardening shovel and her normal strength, which is actually effective against the airheaded idiots that magical girls are (to be easily influenced). Due to her personality, she is an expert strategist and is knowledgeable in just about everything except for academics. Kyuuto also works at a local anime dvd rental, being somewhat of an Otaku.

...I also stopped this story for a couple obvious reasons...
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24 / F / Tunisia, Tunis
Posted 8/21/13 , edited 8/21/13
This sound cool !!!!

Name : Jasmine
Age : 17
Gender : Female
Physical appearance :
ordinary high school girl
she is 160 tall
she is beautiful girl, with long black hair, green eyes and white skin
Personality :
she is a friendly girl, maybe a little sensitive, but she have a good confident in her self, trust worthy enough and kind between all her friends, loves to help everyone but she hates arrogant people and can easily get mad when someone bothers her or her dear friend and she is the jealous type too.
Background story :
Jasmine always had a dream to travel to London and when she finally had that chance, she had to live with a royal family, but the parents traveled and she was stuck with their cold arrogant son, she met good friends at school and had a great time in her favorite country although she always fight with that mean boy, his name is "Kai", however she noticed that Kai always go out late and she followed him, that's when her life changed and she became a special girl, her peaceful happy life was taken away to be be a dangerous one while she had to fight the whole time and her partner was the mean boy who she hated the most Kai....
Skills after the change :
she can uses fire and wind element
good sword women
have the healing ability

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21 / M
Posted 8/27/13 , edited 8/27/13
Name: Truck Driver

Age: 56

Gender: Female

Physical Appearance: None. This character is nothing more than a metaphor for the obsession of ones everyday life. Therefore she has no memorable physical features other than her baseball cap, the big mack by her side(metaphor for consumerism) and the truck she drives, who's bland and uninspired design is a direct contrast to the complexity of Truck Drivers character, one that lies not beneath but inside her graciously wide hips, belly and mouth.

Background Story: Truck Driver has no past, nor does she aspire for the future. This woman lives in present, breathes at the very hum and tilt of a passing moment in time. She sees no future for herself. She has no dreams, yet she views herself as a person without the falsified delusions of grandeur that define existence. She eats the furrows in her brow and pain behind her life with every bite of her big mack and every time she swallows.
Indeed, this woman?
She doesn't want or need a name, just money.
Just enough cash to get by, just enough money to exist.
In truth she inhabits the reality of a mother can no longer feed her children. Two sons who ran away to live with daddy because she didn't make enough to bring them to doctors, have them join a school club, save them the worries of what it is their going to eat today, unable to bring the moon and too broke to stop those footsteps from leaving home.

Other Info: She drives a truck. She is also plump(very, very plump).

Superpower: That of being faceless, of being of an enigma, of being weak and powerless but more importantly, the fact that she doesn't exist. That you'll never see her in the streets or in the driveway or on her way home from that road made of both broken glass and of broken dreams she no longer holds. You'll never see her name in a book or story, she's too powerful and relevant to be mentioned in the credits of a hollywood movie.
Her superpower is that she's a ghost.
You think you see her when try hard enough, in the girl you have a crush on, or in that even faced boy you call a friend. She has the power to give you nightmares of a world filled with complexity and failures.
But she doesn't exist, you tell yourself. Through TVs and Half-witt manequins you tell yourself you know the real world. Know that it's one of success and black and white lining on a silver wall where we truly are judges of right and wrong. We are success. We are not Ghosts.
We are not Truck Driver. We are the president, we are the next big thing. We are ceos and movie stars, pop icons and the perfect actress no ones ever heard of.
Millionaires, we all are.
You tell yourself.
Truck Driver doesn't exist.

Note: I'm 45% trolling, 55% on a fucking roll today.....
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25 / M
Posted 8/30/13 , edited 8/30/13
I wanna give this a try! Let's see......

Name: Layla

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Physical Description: High school student! (I'm so original )
About 5' 7'', or 173.736 cm.
Long flowing, milky brown hair with assorted blonde highlights.
Piercing and curious eyes as deep blue as the sea.
Perfect, light skin.
Usually seen wearing a small ring on her left index finger.

Personality (I feel this in necessary for any character description): She's a quiet, shy girl that lacks a lot of friends. She usually remains unseen and unheard. Despite how shy she is she's a very confident, capable girl with many talents ranging from being skilled at guitar to being a skilled baker. She's not easily riled up, but when she is, her rage is something to behold. Her entire personality changes, giving her the personality of an angered goddess.

Background story: At the small age of five, Layla was abandoned by her father and mother at the foot of the local shrine, leaving her with no place to go and no one to love her. Since she was so shy, she didn't dare ask anyone for help, but instead lived in the sewage and muck of her home town slowly being forgotten and left for dead by all her people. On what she thought wold be her last day of living, a small boy no older than her came over and looked at her with a pale sadness in his eyes. With all of his strength, he picked her up off of her broken legs and helped her to walk to the nearest restaurant, and to his family. As they walked he asked her her name, to which she responded out of kindness with tears in her eyes and pain shooting through her body. When the boy finally brought her to his family, they looked at him in horror, and yelled at him for what seemed like an eternity to Layla, telling him to put her back where she was found. Screaming endlessly, both sides's screams echoed farther and farther from Layla as she felt something pulling her away, and she collapsed.
The following week, she awoke in a hospital bed, with the boy right beside her, sitting in a chair, and looking deep into her now open eyes. And there he remained as she was slowly nursed back to health over the next three years.
At the tender age of eight, and now living with the boy and his family, they were robbed. The thieves broke into her house and held her new parents at gunpoint before, in a fit of rage, firing, killing both of them, forcing them to flee without stealing any items.
Left with no family, and no hope, the two wandered the streets. Having only each other, they resolved to find a new life somehow. As an attempt to make money, they both got jobs. The boy handed out fliers and Layla cleaned windows for a small fee. It wasn't much, but they managed to get by using what small amount of money they gathered each day.
At 15 years of age, Layla and the boy had gotten better jobs, better schooling, a better home and a better life. They made a pact when Layla turned this age. They made a pact to never let each other down, and to never give up on each other. They gave each other rings to remember this promise, and as a child's promise to belong to one another forever.
And so they remain, boy and girl. At the age of 17 her story continues...
(I'll let you make up the story from here)

Abilities: During her transformation, she can manipulate the elements and her surroundings and bend them to her will, forcing them, weither they are are existent or not, to do as she commands. She also gains temporary invulnerability and can corrupt the mind and force you to see illusions of things that are not there.
However, this takes up blood force(the source of her power), and as such she cannot use her transformation for very long.
While not transformed, she still has control of the elements on a basic level, however that element must be present in order to be replicated. For example: While not transformed, she can stand in the general vicinity to a fireplace and replicate it's flames to cast a fireball. But, while transformed, she could create endless flames out of nothing and do as she pleases, like making fire tornadoes or fire floods...
That's all I got.
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22 / M
Posted 9/20/13 , edited 9/20/13
Name: Jekay Kusho
Age: 11
Physical Description: Parted Brown hair down to his neck, brown eyes. 4''7, 128 lbs., wears a dark blue warrior's gi.

Background: Jekay lives in the Weapon World and is the son of a famous first class warrior and General of the Central Kingdom. As well as the grandson of the retired General of the West Kingdom. He wants revenge on the man who killed his father, "The Destroyer" but he can't because the Chosen One; his rival, Ekoay Ishia has to be the one to kill him.

Other Information: He uses one of the rarest and most difficult weapons to wield, the Golden Sword and has mastered 99 of its 100 techniques.
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20 / F / ◕ ‿ ◕ ѕσмєωнєяє...
Posted 9/23/13 , edited 9/24/13
Name: Fate
Age 16
Look: Dirty blonde hair, Bule eyes on left red on right, Pale white skin,Star on her left eye.
Details: Demon
She was born from the angels side but then something slipped up and now she is the demons princess. She is know as the black reaper and nobody likes her it say just by looking at her the world will be over for you. She is waiting for revenge for the pepole who killed her parents
Power: Has all elments inside her wind,water,earth,fire Nothing has or until stopped her.
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25 / M / Canada
Posted 9/24/13 , edited 9/24/13
Name: Hamada Eri (浜田・会梨)

Age: 19

Physical description: 155Cm. Dark brown hair with subtle (natural) reddish highlights. She's not chubby, but not entirely skinny, just healthy. She likes to wear long sweaters and tights, usually paired with boots or short heels in the winter.

Background story: Eri doesn't have much of a background story, but she's a very important character in the story. She's a regular student, with average grades, but her determination and leadership skills play a large part in the lives of her friends. She was asked by her classmates to be the class rep. but she denied it because she thought it would distract her from her studies. She spends most of her time with her friends or studying or cooking. She likes to plan trips with her classmates when there are days off.

She has a boyfriend, but she doesn't like to keep it public, because they don't really talk too much.

Hero's don't always have superpowers, and they don't always have to fight their way to prove it to their friends that do. The main plot of the story revolves around her decision of whether or not to tell somebody about something she saw. The decision will decide whether or not a stranger will live or die, or if the assailant will come for her instead. She needs to decide if her personal safety, or the integrity of her own humanity is more important, or if telling would even save the person at all.
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Posted 9/24/13 , edited 9/24/13
17 years old
Average build, Black Messy Hair, and brown eyes

Samura is the grandson of one o the greatest mages that has ever existed, but when he was 6 years old he was attacked by an animal that was imbued with the planet's powerful but poisonous magic. Samura was saved by a mage guild that protects civilians from these monsters. Samura was saved but there was a cost. The monster was able to inject a fragment of itself in Samura's arm and try to overtake his body. Being the grandson of the incredible mage, Samura's large amount of magic was able to suppress it, but it left Samura almost no magic to use. As he grew older the fragment begun to mutate Samura's magic. Now he is the only mage in the world who has green magic. Not only tat but it allows Samura to posses skills that other mages could never duplicate. The only problem is he has to train in an academy where they separate the advance from the below average. Since Samura's power is almost completely suppressed he has to start from the bottom and build his way up. He learns of his unique abilities while being looked down from other students of the academy.

Magic skills:
Able to summon a chimera that is able to change its form
able to use magical weapons that absorb magic
able to copy others magic abilities
able to change his magic to any element he wants
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