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Posted 10/26/13 , edited 10/27/13
kishin jin (Diablon)

lives in/ from: Shime-Heim

age: 20

height/weight: 6ft 3in./176lbs - 300lbs

true to the diablon anatomy, jin's horns grew in during puberty. He has grey-ish, near black hair, black irises and red pupils. his hair sits on his shoulders. jin also has a goats tail, considering that diablons are evolved from goats, he does not have hooves, although his dad does, his mother doesn't due to the rarity of the trait. He is relatively muscular, and stands on his toes in a position similar to if he WERE to have hooves.

Known as "the devil's spear", jin's most notable ability is his mastery of material based holy arts (manipulation of matter and molecules weight & strength, as well as how matter interacts when interacting with other matter, in any state.) He uses this ability
to pierce armor with his bare hands, being able to deliver power full jabs threw the strongest of material. he also uses it in conjunction with sword based combat (katanas) to strengthen his sword to parry attacks or to make it lighter to execute attacks in multiple succession. he also uses it to increase his weight use more advanced dark magic, mainly Akumu bāsuto, where he increases the weight of his body to 300 pounds to with stand the force of the blast that would normally push him a far distance away from the original area of use. He, like most diablons, use dark and fire based magic. It is known that material based holy arts put the most strain on the body, and it is rumored that jin born with the inabilty feel pain which gives him the ability to with stand the body strain. others say he would harm him self to learn to null pain and increase his healing factor.

Back Story:
Kishin Jin, was born on 1/5/489 (union date), His parents masaki and jashin, lived in the center of shime-heim during the formation of shime-hime's new democratic system. by age 7, jin was known for his anti-social ways and left home less and less until the age of 15, when he was introduced to magic and holy arts as well as combat fo rthe sake of competitive fighting, he excelled at fighting and academics, and much to the chagrin of his class mates, was recruited by an elfling university chairman who watched his battle against a Moesashi gurifon. once there, he majored in sociology, as well as being a piety minor.
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Posted 11/18/13 , edited 11/19/13
A woman stands at attention near a grey speckled podium beyond the nylon coated doors leading to the cafeteria. Her hair is a flat foggy-silver, silken bowl that would seem immobile even in gale force winds. Her eyes are pieces of polished carbon set into silly putty, stretched taught over a trowel-like cast to form a face that casts slack-jawed cynicism over the whole of the university- even when she's off her post. The time that she is absent however, is when the students fear those carbon eyes the most as they become ever present once the sun sets. It is said that on autumn nights, when the leaves fade to grey on the delicately tanned grasses, the golem of the lunch room assumes her true form.

The company attire she bears grows into willowy garments that whip and flutter in gentle trails, and that immovable quartz hair splits into translucent tendrils. upon serenading the full moon with her howling chants, the lunch wraith takes flight- roiling in the apex of converging fronts. Carelessly careening through the air though, is not the wraith's objective. Where her mortal form policed the awning veiled heat lamps of the cafeteria, the lunch wraith seeks to impose aparational order upon the private restaurants once thought to be out of reach of her flaky skinned grasp.

For what she is, her vigilantism is subtle, issuing warnings with a metronomic finger or a tap in the shoulder's dimple with frayed polished nails. Some see her as the savant of the food industry- the last hope for order among patrons. Many more justly claim that the wraith is a pestilence that must be fined and bound to a restraining order. All people really know is that she hails from no earthly food court.
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