Naruto Fanfic Plot
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In your Dreams
Posted 6/12/13 , edited 6/12/13
This is a basic plot, I haven't finialised things yet...just a story idea~ Copyright ©.

A generation after Naruto Uzumaki becomes Hokage of Konohagakure (Fire Village)....
The Uchiha Clan is said to be almost wiped out, very few live. The Uzumaki Clan is now the most dominant in Konoha. The main character is Amatsuki Toshiro Hyuuga, the eldest of a branch in the Hyuuga family, the indirect branch. He lived in a family of 4; with his younger sister, mother and father, but his father died right before his sister Kiyoko was born. One day, he was strolling in the woods, hoping to find something interesting and suddenly bumps into a group of strangers he didn't know. They began picking on him until a strange lime haired child appeared. The child seemed to be the leader of the group. The members were big and muscular, but had less brains than you expect. When the child spoke, his voice was deep like a grown man. On their foreheads were green headbands imprinted with the Kusagakure (Grass Village) symbol. The man spoke, being able to read Amatsuki's mind and telling Amatsuki Toshiro to go home and see if his mother recognizes him.
The petrified boy ran home, hugging his mother in fear. When he described what the child looked like, his mother froze. It was explained that this strange child was called Kurosou, from the Grass Village. He had been a team-mate of his mother back in the past. Amatsuki's father back then was also a team-member. His mother was calle Kirima (surname not made yet) and his father was Kenshiro Hyuuga, a famous shinobi who was honoured even after death. His mother told the young boy and his sister that when he was 2 years old and Kiyoko was just born, Kurosou murdered Kenshiro.
Till this day, the mother Kirima is still in grief. Since Kurosou appeared as a child, Kirima assumed he had learnt the forbidden teachnique of youth where he would be able to look young again. She also says, back when they were a trio team, Kurosou had said to her that he would marry her after a war. Nobody took him seriously back then but he meant it with his heart. When Kirima grew older, she married Kenshiro, completely unlike what Kurosou wished for.
Kirima then tells his son that Kurosou is dangerous and has mastered some strange techniques, warning him never to go near him again.
Kiyoko asked her brother is he would protect her forever and he nodded in agreement. But sadly, one day, he plays a searching game with his sister and determined to find out more about Kurosou, he ignores her when he sees a flash of green. He thought it was Kurosou and hopped off, rewarding Kiyoko with a ring before he went off, completely ignoring her questions about dinner.
He never knew that was the biggest mistake of his life. That day, Kirima was away and Amatsuki leapt off away from Kiyoko. When Amatsuki Toshiro got home, it was silent. Only the sound of weeping could be heard. When he looked into the door, he saw his mother, crying over a body.
His sister's body.
Kiyoko had been assasinated while they were away. His mother was angry at him at first, but as days passed, they bth understood the pain they were experiencing. His motehr forgave him, but he never forgave himself.

After 2 years, Amatsuki is now 12 and is ready for the Shinobi Academy Exams.
He enters and is distracted in his own worry. If he failed, his mother would be disappointed and so would Kiyoko and his father.
All of a sudden, someone taps on his should and he turns around frustrated to see a red headed lady with a child. She was wearing a Konoha headband and had wrinkles around her eyes but she smiled kindly. The lady requested him to look after her daughter Kumiko Uchiha for her.
By the mention of the surname, Amatsuki knew it was one of the famous clans. He then tells her and her child to call him Toshiro instead.
Since then he had decided he preferred people to call him Toshiro because it reminded him of his father's name Kenshiro. Once Kumiko sat next to him, the other children seemed to fear her and walk away from her.
Using his Byakugan, he could see all her chakra points were activated, almost in full combat mode. Her eyes were also lit with the Sharingan already.
He then recalled that since meeting her, she had activated the Sharingan all along. He starts to wonder how much energy she has consumed and how much she has left.
When he tries talking to her, she turns out to be a snobby girl, completely disgracing him with the fact that her grandfather was Sasuke Uchiha.
Toshiro immediately disliked this girl and before any fights could start up, a blasting loud burst came in throught the door claiming a Dynamic Entry.
It was the Lee Twins; Tori and Ryuu Lee. They were the grandchildren of Rock Lee. Looking completely like Rock Lee except one was a short haired girl and the male had his back hair tied up, they face Toshiro.
Toshiro ignored the two weirdos and noticed a strange boy with pruple ringed eyes. The Rinnegan.
He seemed emotionless and it is later learnt that his name is Dai Yamanaka.
When the signups for the Exams started, Ryuu and Tori pointed out that the trainer in all green Brock Lee was their father.
Upon lining up, Kumiko begins boasting again after hearing the Lee Twins talk about their ancestors. She discriminates Toshiro further by saying he is just from the branch house of the Hyuuga family.
This suddenly turns Toshiro into an angry horrifying person. There is a dark aura around him and it is extremely bad, so bad that Kumiko's mother had to come in and drag her daughter away. Kumiko begins to worry that Toshiro has a tailed beast inside of him but her mother confirmed he has no tailed beast because all of them have been sealed already. She thinks Toshiro is possessed by something and says the scar on the bridge of his nose is relating to possessing.
Toshiro passes out and wakes up to find him beside his mother. His mother had taken care of him while he was unconscious.
When Kirima his mother looked into his eyes, his eyes weren't the usual pale silver colour. They had faint green clouds appearing.
Kirima asks why he got angry when he said he won't get angry anymore but he didn't know why. Kumiko feels bad and visits Toshiro but he is completely upset about her and ignored her even if she has gifts and letters to say sorry.
Being ignored, Kumiko was completely rejected but left something on his table. When he opened it, it was a letter from Dai. His interest grew in Dai after seeing the Rinnegan.
Dai requests Toshiro to see him at the Training Grounds at midnight.
Toshiro goes to the expected area at midnight and meets the emotionless looking Dai.
Surprisingly, upon his arrival, Dai brightens up and become very cheerful and childish. He has a little talk with Toshiro and says his father is part of the Anbu and expects him to be one as well but he has no interest.
Dai tells Toshiro that he is his idol and is extremely glad he got to meet him. It is unknown why but it's probably that Dau really liked Kenshiro Hyuuga.
Toshiro asks Dai what his real dreams are if he doesn't want to be Anbu. He tells Toshiro he wants to be Hokage.
Talking again, Dai suddenly brings up the topic of Kumiko. He keeps thinking Toshiro likes her but Toshiro is entirely not interested in Kumiko.
When Toshiro thinks he upset Dai by saying he doesn't like her, he tries to say it nicely and Dai grins. He says that Toshiro must be on his side, hating on Kumiko.
When they were going to talk more about Anbus and dreams, a rustling could be heard and Dai requests the person to come out.
It turns out the eavesdropper was Kumiko but she only arrived when they were talking about Anbus so she didn't know they both didn't like her.
She knew to go there because she read Toshiro's letter.

The next week he is ready to take his Exams and at the Exam Area, he meets new people.
There is Oshiden Kyouun, a very shy boy who blushes every second. He was always nervous looking and seemed least interesting of all because if you tried befriending him, he'd hide.
Shone Ichinara is a girl who works at a flower shop. Toshiro admires Shone because she is pure and kind. At this moment, Kumiko seems to get made at Shone and says that her pretty eyes don't deserve to belong to her. (Shone has pretty eyes).
Kumiko keeps telling Toshiro that Shone is evil since she is jealous. It seems Kumiko has a liking towards Toshiro (reason unknown, or haven't thought of).

Toshiro, Kumiko and Dai form a team reluctantly (except Kumiko who seemed happy). Shone gets teamed up with some other people.

Trainers then appeared in a rainbow pattern. The first being Saado Wasashi, a Red Trainer. He is from the Sand Village and is alot like Naruto, but is said he is a bit like Jiraiya.
The second was dressed in orange, claiming to be Kanzo. He is very feminine looking and speaks softly.
Once seeing Kanzo, Kumiko is in fangirl mode but Toshiro makes fun of her by saying that Kanzo looks like a gay dressing as a female.
The third trainer dressed in yellow seemed creepy, only speaking as if he had minutes to live and was in a robe. He doesn't introduce himself but immeditely picks out his students, Shone Ichinara, Kiyuu Hanakuro and Momoko Kasumi.
It is reavealed his name is Sugi. (Sugi is a bald trainer and looks ALOT like Ikkaku Madarame from Bleach hehe).
The 3 start talking about the dark looking boy Kiyuu Hanakuro. (Please note Kiyuu sounds like Kill You. Hanakuro is not his real surname...hehehe...mystery~)
Momoko is a girl that grew up with Shone. Shone doesn't like Momoko because when she was younger, Momoko stole her toys and friends and let her be alone. Luckily Shone met a girl named Kin Hekiga and wasn't always alone.
The Green Trainer was Brock Lee (who surprisingly loves brocolli~~~). The 3 are given the team name "Powerful Eye Team" since the trio is a combo of Sharinga, Rinnegan and Byakugan.
Brock is training the trio.

I haven't thought of the rest of the details but here is the spoilers:
Kiyuu is actually Kurosou's son. His surname is fake becaues Kurosou wants to get rid of Toshiro and wants his son to do the dirty work. Kurosou has a great obsession with Kirima and gets his hands on her DNA, artificially morphing his and her DNA into a daughter. This daughter is named Kuroma (Kurosou + Kirima). This girl is adored by Kurosou and Kiyuu's value as a son is reduced compared to this new Daddy's Girl.
Kiyuu slowly realises ihs father is using him and so instead of always trying to destroy Toshiro, he teams up with him later on.
Little more explanations: Kumiko does like Toshiro but he likes Shone. And Dai is gay. So Dai has an interest in Toshiro. In the future, Dai DOES become Hokage (yay~).
Other characters are explained as well.
A crossdressing boy who becomes a team with Oshiden is called Jii Tera. They become close (probably a couple? Undecided).
Kin Hekiga has a headband around her mouth because she is sealing something in her mouth. Inside her mouth is a special pearl who hodls Gin Hekiga, a male counterpart. Exactly the same as her except male form. She uses Gin to do backup work and she is trainging to become an assasin.
Momoko Kasumi is a tomboy. She has a headband on her eyes because she is blind. Shone was unable to forgive Momoko so she stabbed a kunai in her eye. Momoko wasn't able to forgive Shone for that but after Kin spoke to Shone, Shone realises what she did caused more pain that what she experienced and they become friends again. Shone became Momoko's eyes and Momoko supported Shone as much as she could.
The triplets Yo, Shi and Kazu are actually one person who intelligently split himself into three so once in need of backup, he will combine all experience together and become his real self, Yoshikazu who is quite powerful.

More random info:
Kumiko has a younger sibling called Kimiko who was jealous of her elder sister being able to learn Sharingan before her. She leaves the house and becomes powerful, activating Mangekyou Sharingan before Kumiko.
Kimiko then joined the Akatsuki and when it was time, she became the next leader.
Kaitori Iketo is a young looking boy (gets paired up with Kimiko later on) who has rosy cheeks and looks a bit like Itachi with blue eyes. He is a sweet talker and a kind looking boy but is actually great with traps, luring people in and tearing their soul out. He is also part of the Akatsuki.

The Akatsuki are enemies with the Sound Village who was carried on by Ochiru. Ochiru is a teen who had wanted to become Ochimaru's student since he saw him but Ochimaru never accepted him and took Sasuke as his pupil (does not relate to actualy story, just added Ochiru and some relation to Ochimaru). Ochiru learnt by himself by watching Ochimaru everyday. He then became just like Orochimaru except green eyed, forked thin tongue and lines underneath his eyes like some sorta rock singer.
He is much less dark unlike Orochimaru. He loves and hates Orochimaru at the same time, liking for his abilities and inspirtation, hatred for his rejection of becoming his student.
In the Sound Village are two lovebirds, Muneru Saizo who is all tough and stuff but is nice to his partner Misaiko Choi who is a foreigner.
They are the top shinobi in the Sound Village and take their job very seriously. Although they are loyal get jobs done quickly, they will do anything to keep their love together.

Deaths are upcoming...
Saado Wasashi dies later on and his students are really angry to get revenge.
Kumiko later on with the trio in the future at age 19 catches up to 18 year old Kimiko her sister but sadly Kumiko who activates her Sharingan for guard everyday is slowly becoming blind. Kumiko who sees her sister wants to take her eyes and replace her own with them. She takes her younger sisters eyes and before Kimiko could die, their mother sacrifices her own eyes for Kimiko.
Kimiko's greed was still put in the eye so Kumiko become evil afterwards and Kimiko is purified by her mother's eyes. She also realises all along she was mistaken that her mother loved her older sister more.

I haven't thought of the rest but the artificial daughter of Kurosou is now the next replacement to destroy Toshiro.
Also Toshiro in the future becomes really powerful with the chakra absorbing jade given by his mother. But Kurosou was the one who possesses Toshiro so Toshiro loses control and becomes wild.
Kumiko and Toshiro pair up to destroy people with their new evil powers.
Shone wants to save Toshiro and Kumiko since she didn't mind both of them since the beginning but needed alot of effort and help to break the overpowering possession curse.
Shone and Dai team up to break hte curse along with Kimiko who wants to help.
With that, the last of Dai's power was used and he also dies right when they turn normal again. Kumiko then realises that the one she truly loves is Dai, not Toshiro and there comes a widow moment.

Interesting Abilities/facts:
Amatsuki Toshiro Hyuuga can absorb chakra with his jade.
Kumiko later on learns speed and taijutsu stuff from Brock Lee. Those two are quite close despite Brock Lee's strange brocolli-ness.
Dai is on the medical team.
Shone learns hypnosis.
Kin and Gin use metal power along with genjutsu but Gin can size shrink and all that.
Oshiden can shape shift.
Kiyuu has developed Cat Sage Mode.
Momoko is skilled in lightening element and has sharp senses since she's blind.
Yo, Shi and Kazu are rather flirty.
Ji can create things out of words, similar to Sai's power in the orignal story except makes things out of words rather than drawings.
Kaitori is from the Grass Village.
Kimiko was the one who sealed Toshiro's possession curse thing.
Kanzo is infertile and his power is metal things like robots.
Sugi has mastered Frog Sage Mode
Ochiru has mastered Snake Sage Mode.


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In your Dreams
Posted 6/12/13 , edited 6/12/13
You may ask questions about this and I will try answer them. You can ask about abilities but I might not be able to answer very detailedly because I haven't finished reading Naruto...
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I read it. It's all very confusing (broccoli is a nice pun but confusing plot wise, for example), but three cheers for fanfiction.
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