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【Moderator Applications】

Hello! JinNikki- here, hiring moderators for the group. If you'd like to help out in any way, feel free to sign the application. However, there are a few requirements and some stuff you'll need to be able to be accepted. Also, I'm only taking a VERY limited amount of people, so don't get mad at me if I don't accept you and accept another.

1. Active in the group.
2. You understand the story and concept well. //I will test you for that.
3. You want to help.
4. You're 'familiar' with the creator. //I personally don't want anyone trying to befriend me just so that they can be a moderator. I just don't want some random stranger popping out of nowhere who just joined the group to ask to be a mod, cause I'd refuse right away.
5. Experience in either RPing/Forum Modding/Graphic making/Profile editing, depending on what kind of moderator you want to be.

Is it too much? I'm not done yet. Anyway, put 'Modplz!' somewhere in your form.
Thanks for wanting to participate in the group!
Also, don't quote this post.

What do mods do?

Forum Mod:
They take care of the forums, they watch over the roleplays and take care that no one breaks the rules during the roleplay. They are also in charge of creating roleplay areas after confirming with the creator.

Profile/GFX Mod:
They make the avatars, banners and they edit the group profile for it to look nice.

Event Mod:
They take care of the Events that will happen during the RP. Special RP area, Contests, etc. They're to execute suggestions by members after the creator's approval.

Overall Mod:
Basically all of thee above.


Form -

What you can do/How do you want to help?:
What kind of mod? (Forum Mod, Profile/GFX Mod, Overall mod):

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Good enough. Here's what the errors were.

The password. I mixed numbers in there for a reason.

The title doesn't match the character.

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