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Ruby Rose is the main protagonist, leader of Team RWBY, and the first character introduced in RWBY. Ruby's weapon of choice is a High Caliber Sniper Scythe called Crescent Rose

Ruby appears as a young, silver-eyed girl dressed in a black blouse, and a skirt with red trimmings, complete with a red cloak. Her entire apparel is made up of various shades of red and black, with black on the main suit and red on the cloak. Even her hair is lightly red-streaked.

Monty Oum has described Ruby as being “innocent” and still a “little sister”. Most of Ruby’s personality is described by her childish nature as well as her fighting style. Ruby is shown to be impulsive, naïve, and innocent; but when needed, she can be serious and dependable.

Ruby Rose is 15 years old and she attends to Beacon Academy.

Fun Fact?
Ruby is the only character to fight the Grimm in her trailer.
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Ruby is my favorite (:
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Ruby is my favorite character as well
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