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Posted 6/13/13 , edited 6/14/13

So here is a Poll to see if you guys have read the mangas I've read, and wondering if you have any recommendation for me. And if you guys haven't read the ones that I have listed in the picture, feel free to check them out as a recommendation ^^

if the picture above is too small, below is a link for the larger picture.

And feel free to share the info with all of us, of what you think about the Manga titles that you've read within my list =)! Or even just some recommendation mangas

Therefore, others might have a better grasp of the manga !
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Posted 6/14/13 , edited 6/14/13
Please continue on the Recommend me an anime thread ^.^ there are a lot of people who would help you there. Try an avoid personal or "I need help" threads, unless its in the appropriate section.
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