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Favorite Anime fight/battle?
Posted 6/15/13 , edited 6/15/13
Ok so I am just curious to see what peoples favorite anime fights are.

I list a couple of mine.

Light Vs L

Naruto Vs Pain

Ichigo vs Aizen

Ichigo vs Kenpachi

Luffy vs Lucci

Goku vs Vegeta

Yusuke vs Toguro

And others I just can't think of them ATM
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Posted 6/15/13 , edited 6/15/13
Shinobu versus Chihaya

Natsu Team versus Purehito

Tenroujima Team versus Acnologia

Father versus Elric Brothers and company

Lancer VS Saber

No-Names VS Perseus
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Posted 6/15/13 , edited 6/15/13
Koyomi Araragi vs. Suruga Kanbaru (Bakemonogatari)

Koyomi Araragi vs. Karen Araragi (Nisemonogatari)

Luffy vs. Lucci (One Piece)

There are more I know it, but I can't think of them right now

Posted 6/15/13 , edited 6/15/13
1. Lelouch Vii Britannia vs Britannia - Code Geass

2. Yagami Light vs L - Death Note

3. Sawada Tsunayoshi vs Byakuran - Katekyo Hitman Reborn

4. Natsu Dragneel vs Sting & Rogue - Fairy Tail

5. Uzumaki Naruto vs Uzumaki Nagato - Naruto

6. Fairy Tail vs Acnologia - Fairy Tail

Posted 6/15/13 , edited 6/15/13
I CANNOT believe nobody's put...

Spike vs. Vicious - Cowboy Bebop

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Posted 6/15/13 , edited 6/15/13
Kurapika vs. Uvogin (2011 version)

Kurapika was awesome.

And I agree with everyone else's picks.
Posted 6/15/13 , edited 6/15/13
Jiraiya vs. Pain (Naruto Shippuden)

Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra (Bleach)

Laxus vs. Raven Tail (Fairy Tail)

Natsu vs. Rogue & Sting (Fairy Tail)

Kurapika vs. Uvogin (Hunter X Hunter 2011)

Yamamoto vs. Genkishi (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

Gintoki vs. Housen (Gintama)

Hiei vs. Bui (YuYu Hakusho)

Goku vs. Buu (DBZ)

Ash's Charizard vs. Gary's Blastoise (Pokemon)

Any fight involving Roy Mustang (FMA: Brotherhood)

All the fights during the Ennies Lobby arc, especially Zoro's and Luffy's (One Piece)

...And still, I'm sure I forgot a lot of more.
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Posted 6/15/13 , edited 6/15/13
Posted 6/15/13 , edited 6/15/13
naruto VS pain (naruto shippuden)

jiraya VS pain (naruto shippuden)

goku VS vegeta (DBZ)

goku VS buu (DBZ)

gohan VS cell (DBZ)

naruto VS sasuke (naruto shippuden)
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Posted 6/15/13 , edited 6/15/13
luffy vs z
5 kage vs uchiha madara
naruto and bee vs other jinjuriki
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Posted 6/15/13 , edited 6/15/13
Takamura vs Bryan Hawk (Hajime no Ippo)
Rock Lee vs Gaara (Naruto, even though the fight was BS and Lee should've won)
All of Ichigo's fights in the Soul Society arc (Bleach)
All other heroes vs Caster vs Berserker (Fate/Zero)
Spike vs Vincent (Cowboy Bebop movie)
The entire Yoshiwara in Flames arc (Gintama)
Joseph Joestar and the Nazi's vs Cars (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 2012)
Alucard vs Luke Valentine (Hellsing Ultimate - best quotes ever "I'm a dog; well then you're dog food" and when he beats him "First you were a pathetic piece of shit, now you're nothing but dog shit".) Black Dog FTW

and that's all I can think of off the top of my head
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Posted 6/15/13 , edited 6/15/13
Pretty much every battle in FMA Brotherhood.
Gon vs Hisoka, Kurapika vs Uvogin, Gon vs Bomber, Zoldycks vs Lucifer... HxH 2011
Rider vs Archer, Kirei vs Kiritsugu - Fate/Zero
Kimimaro vs Mikuni - C - Control
Yuuki and Yuno vs 7ths - Mirai Nikki
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Posted 6/15/13 , edited 6/15/13
Almost all of the fights from fate/zero. Seriously, the absurd animation quality
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Posted 6/15/13 , edited 6/15/13
1.Black Lagoon is Classic especially with Revy.And the poor Yellow Flag Tavern how many times it gets destroyed.
2.But the battle between Misaka and Item in A Certain Scientific Railgun S has been a hot topic for the past three weeks.I have been amazed how that transpired.
Posted 6/15/13 , edited 6/15/13
BTOOOM! has the best fight scenes in an anime, in my opinion. The fight scenes are necessary to the plot and it's not just about x vs. y, no weird powered up during battle, and no endless monologues explaining one's own techniques to the enemy (which is so awkward, especially seen in Bleach and Naruto).

My next favourite fight scenes are from Hunter x Hunter. Their fight scenes are elaborate, and always leave me on the edge of my seat. One scene I can remember is when the boys were playing dodgeball with that muscular looking guy (can't remember his name).
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