Martial arts manga/manhwa: Girls of The WILDS
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Posted 6/15/13 , edited 6/15/13
So, just got caught up with girls of the wilds and i love this series so far. It has some pretty good action, but i think it mixes the "school life" with the traditional "martial arts" elements in a really good way. Its on the rise as far as popularity so i was just wonder, where do you guys think it stacks up against older/longer martial arts series?

Here's my top five currently:

1-The Breaker:new waves
2-The God of High school
3-Girl of The Wild
5-History's Strongest Disciple: Kenichi

if you guys have some better series similar to these let me know!
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Posted 6/15/13 , edited 6/16/13
You should totally look up Cynthia The Mission its about a short Chinese girl who is a part of the Chinese Mafia and gets stuck staying in Japan after a botched mission. It's also about the other fighters she meets and befriends in Japan
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