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What defines a great game.
Posted 7/3/13 , edited 7/3/13
There is a difference between a good game and a great game.

To me, a great game has to have a good balance between story, gameplay, and experience. While I do enjoy games with good and in depth stories, I don't feel they are necessarily needed for a good game. You can have a really fun game without having a good story. That said, the other way around is definitely not true. If you have an amazing story with bad or mediocre gameplay, it's going to be a lot less appealing.

When I say an experience, I'll cite an indie game called Proteus. It has no real story, no real gameplay other than walking, and yet it's a unique and arguably fantastic experience due to the generated world and focus on giving the player a unique experience. The experience can also be crafted through the story and gameplay too, but not necessarily. It's a more abstract concept.

For something like The Last of Us, the story and experience are utterly amazing, though I feel the gameplay is not nearly good enough to boost it up to the perfect scores I keep seeing. Good, but not great. For something like Metal Gear Rising, the gameplay is really fun, though the story and experience don't necessarily match up.

Typically (not always), the hierarchy for quality lies first with gameplay, then experience and story fighting for second place. There's some sub-categories like replay value, game length and so forth, but it's not necessarily important. I suppose the argument could also be made, if the game provides an amazing experience, then the other two don't matter. I agree, but then I feel that's a different kind of "great."

A great game need a balance of all of those elements, and I'll cite Journey as my example. For gameplay, it's very engaging in its mechanics which, while not exceptional, are satisfying and function extremely well for the world created. For story, not a single word is spoken, yet emotion and the history of the world still bleeds through and you can understand it. As an experience, good lord is it an experience. It invokes real emotions in the player and leaves a lasting impact to most who play it.

There are games you can pick up and play years later and still enjoy it as much as the first time, games that mean the world to you and have made a big mark upon your life, and games that can make you actually feel and believe in the world they portray. Any of those could be called a great game and not necessarily follow the guidelines I listed. Of course, it also varies from person to person. Those are just the qualities I feel make a game truly great and stand out among others.
Posted 8/4/13 , edited 8/5/13
What defines a great game is how the game is designed to take use of all the game's systems, controls, and make it feel that there is a satisfaction value when ever you play it.
Posted 8/5/13 , edited 8/5/13
A game that leaves a good variety of decision-making for the player to get through the game.
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Posted 8/12/13 , edited 8/12/13
This is by an rpg genre perspective.

1. Characters
2. Gameplay
3. Story
4. World
5. Music
6. Graphics(just decent enough to look at, it doesn't have too be expensive)

Someone mentioned above: A game deep with detail.
I agree with that.

When I know a game is amazing, I wanna play all day and everyday and for years to come. And when I finish it, I continue to think about. But that's just me.

Here's something for everyone. BiosShock Infinite was an AMAZING game. I loved it. dat ending. But will never ever play it again. Can you explain that? Cause I can't........
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Posted 8/15/13 , edited 8/15/13
Replayability is a huge factor in my opinion that incorporates both the story and the gameplay and in some cases, features.

Like for example, mass effect 2 is a heavy story centric game that I can always replay because of how your decesions play out and how you interact with other characters.

Halo 3 is a well rounded game that has a sollid campaign, a great multiplayer and fantastic custom games options along with saved films, that game is a great game because of how replayable it is and the shear amount of options you can do. The same goes for Reach in a similar respect - I personally find it a great machinima making tool.

Battlfield 3 is a multiplayer centric game at heart, I've played that game in the last 2 years and had a blast because of its destruction and squad mechanics of its gameplay. GTA IV is a great game for its sandbox gameplay, seriously, you can race and free roam with a full party of players and its still relatively as fun as it was back when the game came out in 2008. Gears of War 3 is another example, not just because of its competitive multiplayer, but for its other features such as beast mode and horde mode, both or which are great cooperative mode that adds on to the replayability of the game.

Although, a great game varies per individual. Like I love FFXIII, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, but will probably play through those campaigns once or twice. While those games don't have the best replaybility, their still fun in certain aspects. Also games that look great can be considered great games in my opinion as well.

A great game is a game that keeps me invested into it, a game I can still pick up and play always and still have a blast.
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Posted 12/22/13 , edited 12/22/13
A game that's fun for a specific or numerous crowds.
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Posted 12/24/13 , edited 12/24/13
Story, gameplay, and music are the most important to me, though not all necessary. Some are great on gameplay alone, or maybe even just story like in visual novels.

I think they're still making great games today. There are a lot of bad reviews nowadays because there are a lot of bad games out there, and maybe sometimes unfair reviewers. But we forget that back then, there were also many bad games as well. Maybe even more so than today. We just like to remember the good stuff, the best stuff.
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