Video Game Myths and Legends
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Posted 6/18/13 , edited 6/19/13
Ok I been looking at alot of video game myths and legends both true stuff and fan made that has blown up on the internet and I felt like making this topic so everyone can check out some of them and post some of there fav myths and legends about video games hell you can even make up one of your own (as long as you think it is good) seeing how I made this I will show one of my favored myth from video games and as you can guess from my avatar pic it is the tails doll

The Legend Of The Tails Doll.

It started about a month ago, me and my friends are hardcore video game collectors. Anyways my friends and me were at a flea market, we walked up to a table it was nothing fancy just an old man selling some old video games. As we ripped the box apart looking for games we dident own we all saw at the same time a grabbed it at the same time, after lifting out of the box with all our hands on the case we laughed. We knew about this game….. We knew what people said, that it was “Cursed” we just thought it was a joke. Thats right we found a copy of Sonic R, after asking the man his eyes went wide, ears red, foam started to gather at the side of his lips, he started speaking in a different language that we dident understand. Then he stopped looked at us and asked “Do you know?” we asked him what he meant, and sure enough he brought up the “Curse”. We told him its a joke, and he just shook his head we asked him how much and he said “For you suffering I shall ask for nothing in return.” So we got it for free, lucky break for us Sonic R is always like $80. After we left the flea market but as we were leaving people started to look at us, shaking their heads. We got home that night and my friend Will asked if he could play it first, we all agreed we would each own it for week until we dident want to play it anymore.
That night Will called me, there was
static on his end of the phone, and he
sounded scared, I asked him why he
tried to explain but the phone line went dead. Before I hung up I could hear it, very faintly but I knew I could hear it, Can You Feel The Sunshine. I went back to bed, the next morning I got a call from the police, asking where I was, after asking why they told me they had some questions. I told them where I lived and 5 minutes later a cop car pulled up and two cops knocked on my door. They told me my friend Will was found in his bed with the phone cord wrapped around his neck. Will was dead, they told me one of my friends Dave told them I was walking out carrying something tha looked like a doll. He went into Will’s house to find him like that. I was put in jail and a couple days later I got a letter, they spelt it back words… so I had to use the mirror in my cell. And it said
” Can you feel the Sunshine?” And a drawing of will with a telephone cord around his neck. Every time I go to sleep I hear it now, its loud in my head. And if I stay awake long enough I can see my red gem, so look behind yourself very slowly, so I can ask you “Can You Feel The Sunshine?”
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