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Do You Want To Play With Me? (Sonic.exe)

I thought video games were just video games. I had thought that there was nothing that could possibly happen to me by playing just one simple game on my laptop. I was dead wrong. At first, I never believe anything paranormal, or evil for that matter, could come out of a game… that was until I found one game: Sonic.exe. Originally reading about this game on the well-known Creepypasta website, I did not buy any of this. A person coming across a Sonic game CD that was taken over by an evil so unsettling? I didn’t think so. What it sounded like, more or less, was a joke that a friend decided to play on the poor boy to freak him out. I would have said it was very well played, until I came across this game myself… I was never the same person again, and as I sit here and tell my story, you will soon see why.
My friends and I were the typical teenagers. We drank alcohol, we smoked a few blunts here and there, and we loved video games. I was a huge gamer, and one of the only gamer chicks in my clique. I was part of the in-crowd for quite some time. It was November 21st, a cold but peaceful night. My friends and I, along with my boyfriend, were partying like there was no tomorrow. Afterwards, we decided to go back to my place with our booze and whatever little weed we had left. I wasn’t much of a smoker nor a drinker, so I must have been the only one sober that night. The rest of my friends smoked and had a few more shots before they all decided to go home for the night, and after that it was just me and my boyfriend cuddling up in my bed with my laptop. He noticed I was reading a story about a game that someone had found that turned out to be haunted. Sonic was one of Daniel’s favorite games, and he sat there reading it with me for a while. When we were finished we both looked at each other with the same disoriented look on our faces, as Sonic games was something that he and I both had in common.
“This can’t be real.” he said to me. I could tell he was pretty freaked out by what he had just read with me.
“Baby, of course it’s not real. It’s a fucking video game, and for God’s sake it came from Creepypasta. Nothing on there is real, it’s just a bunch of creative people trying to have a little fun with you. Please tell me you didn’t smoke enough pot to think this shit is real.”
“Theresa, look at that! It sounds so believable! I mean, there are no loopholes babe!” I wanted to hit him for being so retarded, but then I remembered that he was just high. He would feel better once he slept it off. So I let him believe it was real for a little while until he fell asleep. He was so adorable when he went on about nonsense. He was adorable in general. I couldn’t sleep for some odd reason, so I decided to look up a little more about this haunted Sonic game. I found out that the game was downloadable. I decided to check it out for myself, since I had no idea what the game had actually looked like besides the story that I had read about it. I downloaded it, but I was too tired to play it. I curled up next to my boyfriend and I fell asleep next to him.
The next morning, I woke up to him spazzing out about something he found on my computer, as if he had found a secret stash or gay porn or something. But when I went to see what it was, I noticed he had found the game that I downloaded last night. I couldn’t believe he was still spazzing over it. He was really convinced that the game was haunted by some sort of demon. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
“Daniel, it is JUST a game. Nothing more, nothing less, and ABSOLUTELY nothing demonic about it! I think you should stop reading these stories if they’re too much for you to handle!” To prove my point, I decide to play it with him watching me, that way he could see for himself that nothing was going to happen to him, or to me, if we played the game. It was probably someone’s sick imagination who created this game. When I went to open it, I noticed it had a weird name for itself: “PlAy WiTh Me” Now, I actually found that to be pretty funny. Considering the game was supposed to be demonic and evil. I opened the game, and my boyfriend instantaneously sat down next to me holding me tighter than he ever had before. What a pansy. It seemed to be just like any other Sonic game, it started out with the title screen, and I’m not sure which Sonic game this was supposed to be. I heard around that it was supposed to be the very first one, but since I didn’t know too much about the first few Sonic games, I obviously didn’t know which one it was. Everything seemed fine with the game. I looked at my boyfriend with the biggest smile on my face, and even though he still didn’t fully buy it, he was a little more at ease.
“See, dummy? I told you, there was nothing wrong with-” …I stopped as I was trying to finish my sentence, but the last few words never came out of my mouth. For a split second, something seemed to look horrifyingly wrong with the game. Within that one moment. something about the title screen seemed way off. The sky was a dark grey and the water had turned a blood red, and everything about it just seemed unsettling. At first on the bottom right of the screen, it said “Sega 1991″ but for that split second it had said “Sega 666″ and the emblem was now pretty rusted. The freakiest thing was Sonic himself. His eyes were pitch black with red dots glowing in the center, with blood dripping from them, and had a demented smile that stretched all the way to the edge of his face. I remembered that this is what the person had described it to look like in the Creepypasta story. Like him, I had also thought that this was some random game glitch, and that I should keep playing anyway, no matter how creepy the glitch was. Big mistake.
Daniel didn’t want to see anymore, that had already freaked him out, but he still never left my side. To be honest with you, I was pretty creeped out too, but I didn’t think anything of it, and I just figured I was thinking too much about it. We got to the data select screen, and it was even more whacked out than the title screen. The background was a blood red color, and there were 3 save files, all of them were empty. The picture screens where it would show you the level you were up to were nothing but static. On the three save files, were three characters you could play as: Tails, Knuckles, and Dr. Eggman surprisingly. In the normal games I thought Dr. Eggman was supposed to be the enemy and not a character that you could actually play. It was weird to me, but oh well. I noticed that the other two save files all had locks on them. I could only play Tails, which I had no problem with. Tails is my favorite character. I clicked on the save file with Tails, and it froze for about five seconds before the screen faded to black and a demented, demonic, high pitched laugh played and scared my boyfriend and I shitless. I thought someone was seriously intelligent to be able to get the game hacked to a point where it was highly disturbing even before anything happens. It was black for a few seconds before a red circle with the words “HILL: ACT 1″ popped up on the screen, and it brought me to the game.
I recognized that it was the Green Hill level, and I would recognize that from anywhere, it was usually one of the first levels that you played in a Sonic game. I loved it because it was usually always so easy. I moved Tails, and there was nothing to collect, no rings, no nothing. The music was also disoriented, playing in reverse, and I had no idea where the music came from at all. I kept on, trying to keep my ears from bleeding when I finally realized that something was seriously wrong. Dead animals everywhere, torn limb from limb, hanging from the trees by their intestines. It was one of the sickest things I’ve ever seen in a game, and I’ve played some pretty gruesome horror games before. I felt like this was more than just hacked beyond that point. The flowers were wilted and dead, and the music began to slow down the tiniest bit. I noticed Tails had a disoriented look on his face, almost as if he was asking me for my help. I tried so hard to ignore the gore and the horrible music, when suddenly, the music came to a stop after about a minute or so of walking through that horror show. The animals had also stopped appearing. I kept going, thinking that it was finally over, until Tails suddenly stopped. I saw Sonic standing at the end of the screen, with his eyes closed, not looking back at Tails. Tails walked towards him, and I wasn’t even pressing any of the buttons. As he walked, a static noise grew louder, and louder, and louder until he finally reached Sonic, who looked up, revealing his pitch black eyes with those two gleaming dots in the center, just like it had looked in the title screen. Then the screen suddenly went black.
We couldn’t believe what we were witnessing, and then suddenly a message popped up on the screen: Hello, do you want to play with me?” I stared at it, and looked back at my boyfriend who was obviously terrified. Then suddenly, another screen popped up that said: “HIDE AND SEEK” which brought me to another level in the game. I’m not sure which level this was, and it didn’t look familiar to me at all. But whatever it was, it looked almost like it was Hell. There were flames everywhere, and the sky looked a bright orange. I was able to control Tails again, and I was even able to go left, which I couldn’t do before in the last level. I stopped moving for a second, and I noticed that Tails started to cry. It felt like he was begging for my help, and whatever 4th wall that had existed before was definitely broken now. I stared at Tails, and for some strange reason, I felt the urge to cry. He was my favorite character and I wanted to make him stop crying, but I knew there was nothing I could do. Suddenly, I seen Sonic pop up in random places all over the screen for a split second before he started gliding, not running, gliding towards Tails. I started to panic, so I tried to get tails away before Sonic could reach him. Music started playing, and it was the music that would play before you drowned in an original Sonic game. The music got faster as he got closer to Tails, and finally stopped when Sonic touched him. I lost control again, and Tails began to cry once more. He stood there, staring at me and crying. I couldn’t move him, and I lost control for about 15 seconds before Sonic popped up behind Tails. The screen went black, and all you heard was a high pitched scream. Did that really just happen? Did Sonic just kill Tails? I had no clue what I was getting myself into, and I had no idea what had happened to Tails. The disoriented laugh played again, and a message popped up: “You’re too slow. Want to try again?”
The game then brought me back to the data select menu, where I noticed that the save file where I close Tails was now locked, and he was now in the screen where the picture was static. His fur was black, with blood coming from his eyes as they were closed. It seemed as if Tails was trapped in there somewhere, and I felt like Tails wasn’t really dead. He could have very well been, but at this point I didn’t know what was going on. I tried to exit out, but the game wouldn’t let me. I also noticed that Knuckles was now playable. Without any other options, I clicked on that save file. It froze for five seconds, then I heard that demented laugh once more as the screen faded to black for a few more seconds. The red circle then popped up again with the message: “YOU CANT RUN” and then it brought me to the game, where I had then took control of Knuckles. Once again, I had no idea which level this was, because I did not know too much about Sonic and the levels that were in the games. Daniel had said that it was the Scrap Brain Zone, or something like that. I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about. I just kept walking straight, and I had noticed that somewhere beneath the metal floors, were pipes that had what looked like blood running through them. Honestly, I was scared. Knuckles seemed a bit uneasy as well. After a minute or so of running, static started to pop up for a few split seconds. When it finally stopped, there was blood everywhere on the floor. I ignored it, and kept on running. About a minute later, Sonic suddenly popped up and the screen started to static yet again. For a few seconds, the screen went black with the message: “FOuNd YoU” on the screen. Then it statics again, and I have control. Sonic is just standing there menacingly, and I tried running towards him, and instead he just appeared behind me. I kept lunging at him, until I suddenly lost control, and Knuckles fell to the floor crying and I felt as if the 4th wall no longer existed. Something in me broke. I let go of the controls and I waited to see what would happen next. Sonic jumped at Knuckles as the screen went black, and I heard that scream once more with that demonic laughter following right after with the message: “So many souls to play with, so little time. Would you agree?”
One more time, the screen went to the data selection menu, where Knuckles was also in the screen of the save file where it’s supposed to show the level you’re on. Knuckles looked even more in a depressed state than Tails, with his skin a bloody grey-red color, with blood on his locks, and coming from his closed eyes as well. What the hell was going on with this game? Daniel wanted me to shut the computer down, but I didn’t listen to him. I wanted to find out what was causing all of this in the game. This was more than just a hack, this was some sort of evil. Dr.Eggman was now unlocked, and I clicked on that save file, being as that it seemed I had no other choice. My computer wouldn’t shut down regardless. It just refused to shut off. So I loaded up the Dr. Eggman save file, it froze for five seconds, and that demonic laugh played yet again. When the red circle came up the time, it simply said: “…” and I had no clue as to what that could have meant. The music seemed a bit calmer, and I seemed to learn later on that it was the music from the first world, only it wasn’t being play in reverse. Now, the atmosphere didn’t look at all familiar yet again. It seemed as if Dr. Eggman was in some type of castle, and even my boyfriend didn’t know what to do or where we were at from that point on. I just moved forward, and soon enough I came across a set of stairs. I walked down the stairs, and everything changed. The walls were a brighter red, with blood on them, and the flames on the walls were a bright blue. I continued on, trying to just get past this. It wasn’t long before I came across another set of stairs. Down the stairs I went, although these seemed to have been longer than the first set of stairs were. When I get down the stairs, the walls turn black, with the blood still there, and the blue flames are now black. That demonic laugh plays once again, and I was getting utterly sick of that laugh. I kept running and running, until Sonic stopped me dead in my tracks. The screen faded to static for a good minute or so Then, the freakiest thing popped up on the screen and it made us both jump. Sonic, with his glowing red eyes, staring us both directly in the face, his fur looked almost realistic, as if you could feel it if you touched the screen. At the top it had read: “I AM GOD”
What type of fuckery was this? I thought maybe we were both still a little fucked up from the night before, and that image stayed there for a few seconds, switching on and off between it and the static. It went back to tht picture, with a much darker low pitched demonic laughter. I hated to admit it, but I was actually scared. The screen faded back to the static, and eventually back again to darkness. The screen suddenly red “Ready for round two?” I spazzed out. The screen went to static again, and it read something in Japanese. I couldn’t figure out what it was. Daniel began to suddenly speak out:
“And my diseased soul screams.
Will you be my walker of shadows
Delight me with sinister sin
Our funeral of euphoria
Will break Satan’s black heart…”
I stared at him. Something was wrong with his eyes. They were pure black, and he was just staring at the picture of Sonic that followed with the Japanese writing. Had he just translated the Japanese writing into English? He stood up, and I stared at him. He suddenly turned his head to me, his black eyes staring into mine. What was wrong with my boyfriend? I heard a voice as he began to speak:
“He’s not here, Theresa. I wanted to play with him for a little while.” I wasn’t believing any of it. I thought Daniel was simply playing games, knowing that the game was freaking me out. But at the same time, he doesn’t know how to read Japanese. I stood there with an uneasy look on my face, staring and the man that I believed to be my boyfriend. Instead, he was something much, much worse. Something had taken over his body and mind… possessing his soul. I had no idea what it was. I suddenly heard voices from around the room, but they weren’t coming from him. It sounded as if a demonic entity was somewhere in the room, but I saw nothing but Daniel’s black eyes glaring at me, wanting to jump at me like he was some kind of animal. He was making all sorts of disoriented noises while I was hearing these voices, almost like he was speaking in tongues. I didn’t know what he was saying. I turned around, and he suddenly grabbed me from behind, holding a knife to my neck. He pulled my hair back, and whispered in my ear:
“Did you really think I was going to let you go without playing along?”
I hit the floor. I don’t remember anything that happened afterwards. All I remember was waking up in a hospital bed with him standing at the edge crying and praying that I would wake up from the supposed coma that I was in. I was in that state for a week. When was I in a coma? Unfortunately, he doesn’t recall anything from that point on either. He claims that he wasn’t thinking clearly, and the last thing he remembers was reading the Japanese writing…
To this day, I am still haunted by the events that took place that night… that… monster… that evil demonic version of Sonic still haunts my dreams. Something I once adored as a child is now my biggest fear. He’s watching me… he still plays with me… and I am now one of his toys. I woke up one night at 2 in the morning, to find red eyes directly above me, staring me dead in the face, I couldn’t tell who or what it was… until I heard his voice:
“Ready for round 2, princess?”
My soul is trapped in his world… I sold it to Satan to save his life… I am now that demon.
Do you want to play with me?
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