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Posted 6/18/13 , edited 6/19/13
Please do not metagame or godmod, these mean your character automatically knows information since you, the creator, knows it and basically acts like they are in control of the other characters. An example would be: *character 1 hits character 2 without character 2 having any say in the act* instead try, *character 1 tries to hit character 2.*

Below are the requirements for any OC that you want to be included in the roleplay. You can put in an application for up to two characters. Please do keep in mind that you can roleplay as a canon character such as Togami Byakuya.

Name: A first and last name. Please be realistic with names.
Age: 14-19
DOB: Include only the month and day as years are not incorporated.
Extra Features: Glasses, piercings, tattoos, scars, accessories, etc.

Personality: A few sentences, please.
Additional Info:

History: A few sentences is appreciated, if not a paragraph or more.
RP Sample:
Picture: (optional)

If we deny your character application, please contact us privately and we will be more than happy to tell you why they were denied or help you make them more desirable for the roleplay.
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