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Dear Shinobi,

We would like to welcome all naruto fans to follow the development of Nin-Online.

Nin Online is a 2D Online RPG game based in the Naruto Universe.
The game was originally announced in Est. 2006 but was cancelled in 2008.
We're back and will be releasing the game very early. More information on this below..

Picking up where we left off!

We've decided not to use the assets or engine we created years ago. We've completely started anew, and in the past 2 weeks of development. We did some crazy things! In many ways, we're already ahead of the progress we had when we last left off.

Q: Naruto fan-games just don't work and this will never happen!

A: We beg to pardon. We'll be aiming for a very early release. We've set a tentative launch date, and for now let's just say it's sometime in late July 2013. Which means you have about a month to get ready for Nin Online!
This version we release will most likely have very little content for you to play with. We will still be building the world you will eventually play through the storyline, build your own stories and make new friends in, along with cool weapons, jutsus and all kinds of content. But we will open up the server to everyone, so that you can experience the development of the storyline, give us your feedback, and generally help us make the game ready for a full release soon afterwards.

Q: Can I play as Sasuke (he's my favorite character in the game)?

A: Why Yes! I'm glad that you asked. In fact, upon reaching our character creation screen, you will be given the choice of two characters. Naruto or Sasuke. Everyone will either be a orange-haired demon fox bijuu or the last of the Uchiha clan.

I'm kidding.

In Nin Online, you play as yourself in the Naruto universe, you path your own destiny and make friends and enemies along the way. Though we plan to launch with only the Leaf village as a playable choice, some players will choose to become Missing-nins, Syndicate ninjas who kill others for bounties. Some may choose to join the Anbu forces. A large amount of people will want to become Hokage. We'll talk about how we plan to choose each role, and the term you will serve as the village leader soon!

We'll have more information on the game coming soon.
For those who don't believe we'll be releasing in July..
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