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Posted 6/20/13 , edited 6/26/13

These are just a few simple rules that everyone should follow to ensure a happy and safe environment so that everyone can have fun roleplaying here. We're all family here.(◡‿◡✿)


  • Everyone should be kind and respectful to one another!
  • This is a group for fun! so if someone is role playing a character
    and doesn't do the typing quirks completely right, it's okay!
    Don't call them our for it and just PM them or something.
  • Try and be active! Activity is important.
    If you're inactive or gone for a long time without telling anyone,
    you'll be removed from the group completely.
  • Do not god-mod or power-mod.
  • Only use profane words if your character does so,
    otherwise keep swearing to a minimum.
  • Lastly have fun! enjoy the group and be nice to each other!
    We're all here because we love Homestuck!

    What God modding is: God modding is when a roleplayer is controlling another roleplayer's actions and reactions, assuming attacks hit, never taking any damage, or doing something to another roleplayer's character without consent.

    Roleplaying/Forum Guidelines

    -only mods and creator are allowed to create new forum topics and polls and post in the meeting forum. if a member has a suggestion, idea, or complaint, pm a mod or the creator

    - all members or "Homestucks" are allowed to post in the game and discussion forums

    - only registered members or "sburb players" are allowed to post in RP locations

    Making Speech Bubbles
    To keep it neat in the forums, please use these speech bubbles. Here's how to make them. (scroll down)
    Feel free to change the font color or anything to match with the character of your choosing! (:

    - Column BB Code
    - Image url
    - Text (Quote BB Code + Header BB Code)

    Example Here!
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