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Posted 6/22/13 , edited 6/22/13
My fiance and I are huge otaku's. We have been for over ten years. We're not pushing 30 years old and feel a strong lack of Otaku love in the state of NH, let alone our city of Concord, NH in general.

If there are any Otaku's in the area send us a message. We'd like to meet up after becoming acquainted and do some animefests, otaku talk, and other things. We love Japanese food too and cook it often, though we're far from pros. We love to have fun, we love our anime, and we love most things Japanese. Let's get some yummy Japanese grub, flip on some anime, or even a JRPG for that matter, and let's have some fun!

We are quite broad with our tastes, but we do tend to stear away from the darkest, bloodiest anime. Recent anime's we watched and loved were Oreimo and Haganai, as well as B Gata H K and Sword Art Online, and many more.

Recently, she got me Spice and Wolf for my 30th birthday. We've been enjoying that quite a bit!

Classic wise, my fiance loves (loves) Fushigi Yuugi, Magic Knights Rayearth, she's a Sailor Moon lover through and through, as well as Ayashi No Ceres, Cowboy Bebop, Kenshin, Love Hina, and more.

We're also huge gamers in general, hence the JRPG mention. We enjoy fighting games (we have Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend, for recent fighers), and get all the latest limited box sets that catch our eye (as in most). We play a lot of MMO's though like Rift and we also enjoy The Secret World and Guild Wars 2. I also own nearly 150 games on :D

We also love board games and would LOVE to have some game nights on the table. This goes for traditional tabletop D&D or Call of Cthulhu to Pathfinder, anime RPG's, and even Doctor Who (oh yeah, we're big whovians too.) But our tabletop collection is about 70 to 80 games, of pretty much every genre; wargames, easy games, story based, and more. It keeps growing. Recently we pledged on and recieved Kanzume Goddess on kickstarter, as well as Tentacle Bento, and we own all the Tanto Cuore's except Romantic Vacation (still waiting for it in the mail). We also have a lot of American board games and a few euro games, which the latter I'd like more of.

We also love dogs. We have two golden retrievers, as well as two cats. My fiance happens to be a dog trainer. We're also both massage therapists in NH (I'm licensed, she's halfway through school) and we focus primarily on Asian bodywork therapies. Hopefully we can learn shiatsu at some point, formally, in or out of Japan. We also plan on honeymooning in Japan when we finally get married...she might need a tug boat for all the anime merchandise she'd take XD Akihabara might be our new home.

We look forward to any response we get! No rush for meeting. We'd want to know who you are as much as you'd want to know who we are! Couples would be great since we're one, but female or male otaku's are fine as well.

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Posted 6/24/13 , edited 6/24/13
Hi hi! New Hampshire otaku here My husband isn't really a fan, but he does watch a little anime with me and does have a few series he enjoyed such as Fullmetal Alchemist and I, My, Me, Strawberry Eggs. He does like Japan and we've been twice so far! I speak the language (half-way) and he follows me around :P

It sounds like we're a little younger than you two and unfortunately an hour away from Concord. I'll still send you a personal message later today though
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Posted 7/7/13 , edited 7/8/13
I'm also from the New Hampshire area and am looking for fellow Otakus. I would love to get a chance to chat with you guys and familiarize myself with you. On a side note I am a big fan of tabletop games. I watch Will Wheaton's tabletop all the time on YouTube and own a lot of games myself (though not as large of a collection as yours).
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