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The End of Humanity
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Posted 9/15/13 , edited 9/15/13
I like to think that the sun explodes and engulfs the world in fire that way both my religious and my rational sides are pleased
Posted 9/22/13 , edited 9/22/13
Of course man. Plague is gunna wipe us out.
We all gunna become infected rage psychos like
28 days later and kill ourselves off.

Sounds about right.
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Posted 9/25/13 , edited 9/25/13
Humanity will be wiped out by our reckless arrogance and short-sightedness. I don't hate mankind, but i admit that we all have our heads so far up our asses that we can't see the true issues that will face us in the future; issues that unless we act upon now, we will not escape.

The environment. We don't take care of it. We don't CARE about it. We think there are "bigger problems". Unless we fix it, it will lose balance and destroy us.

The sun will explode in the future, into a supernova that will fry the surfaces of all planets orbiting closest to it. Unless we gain the will to leave our planet, (which is not happening right now considering that Obama and his thralls all believe that the space program is useless), we will all be destroyed in one swift stroke.

Unity. HUMANITY DOES NOT HAVE IT! Unless we unite, something bigger and badder than terrorists or bigotist human leaders could show up. For example, aliens. I believe they exist, and if they show up to our planet, and it just so happens that they don't like us, they will try to destroy us. Unless we unite into one humanity, we will NOT stand a chance.
Posted 10/17/13 , edited 10/17/13
Monsters will kill us kindly
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Posted 10/17/13 , edited 10/18/13
Humanity will eventually kill itself off. There's not enough food to supply the entire population, which causes anger issues, which causes war. We also have enough weaponry on this planet to destroy ourselves 3x over with plenty to spare. The most dangerous we have is biological because it spreads so rapidly. There was even a ban in utilizing biological weaponry created in the 1960's because it is so dangerous. We are also very curious creatures, and as the old saying goes: "Curiosity killed the cat".
Posted 1/7/14 , edited 1/7/14
I believe humans will die of disease after we run out of food and resort to cannibalism.
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Posted 1/7/14 , edited 1/8/14
Meh, we'll fuck ourselves in some way. Unless we start colonizing some space shit, we'll probably be dead relatively soon. Cosmic radiation, meteorites, extraterrestrial life- and that shit's just in space. Disease, war, natural disasters- the list is infinite. Humanity's existence has always hanged on a shoestring that's pretty fucking apt to be cut.
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Posted 1/11/14 , edited 1/12/14
Black Hole.
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Posted 1/13/14 , edited 1/13/14
I agree with those who say it'll be our own fault because we went too far in something or another. I think it'll probably be the good old "enslavement by the machines, who later decide we are unnecessary."

Regarding escaping the solar system, we'll probably fail to allocate the resources needed to enable us to colonize other planets (assuming it's possible) until it's too late:
"Why spend the money now? It'll happen in 4 billion years."
"Why spend the money now? It'll happen in 4 million years."
... and so on until by the time things are dire enough to spend the money, it'll be too late.

The thesis about genetically modifying ourselves leading to doom is also a good one. I've seen it explored in SG-1, where the Asgaard used genetics to improve perceived flaws, but their ability to reproduce vanished and they couldn't come up with a fix.

Lately, I actually disagree with climate or disease-related endings. I think climate or disease could wipe out huge parts of the population, but probably not 100% (except of course climate change resulting from the sun expanding and then dying).

Also, in the case that we do survive past the solar system, it'll likely be very bittersweet. Will we really put in the resources to save all the billions of people? Most likely, the majority of humanity will be left behind. And unless things change, the "we" who do survive will probably be "we" who don't have to work for a living, and probably some of their pets. (Please interpret my tone here as matter-of-factly and pointedly, but not bitterly).

The unfortunate thing is that, unless we somehow exist forever, the way we go will probably be pretty sad: trapped in the solar system as it dies out, defeated by our own inventions, dying by a genetic flaw of our own creation. Isn't going out in the blaze of glory an option?
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Posted 12/26/15 , edited 12/26/15
Year-end cleaning. Closing threads with no new posts since 2014.
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