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Post Reply ~maid cafe~
Posted 6/23/13 , edited 6/24/13
Welcome master or misstres~
Posted 6/24/13 , edited 6/24/13
Oliver walks into the cafe and takes a seat at the bar, looking around. "Damn, it's empty," he says to himself.
Posted 6/24/13 , edited 6/25/13
sorry.. we just open~ what would you want master?
Posted 6/25/13 , edited 6/25/13
Oliver looks up. "Oh, that's fine. I mostly just needed to sit down. Could a get a glass of scotch? If you have any."
Posted 6/26/13 , edited 6/26/13
Scotch ee? Right away I will bring it~ after few minutes ago.. * give the scotch* here what you order master.. enjoy~
Posted 6/26/13 , edited 6/26/13
Oliver thanks her, and swirls the liquid around the bottom of his glass, taking a sip/
Posted 6/27/13 , edited 6/27/13
'Is it good? I'm just try to make it.. if it's bad plase forgive me'
Posted 6/27/13 , edited 6/27/13
Oliver smiles. "Yeah, it's good." He takes another sip and sets the glass down on the bar.
Posted 6/28/13 , edited 6/28/13
Master.. because it's grand reopening.. I will give you a cake if you would..
Posted 6/28/13 , edited 6/28/13
Oliver looks up, as he had all but dosed off staring at the bar. It takes him a bit to register what was said. "Oh, no thanks. I'm not really a cake person," he says smiling.
Posted 6/29/13 , edited 6/29/13
So.. how can I give a free treat better then a cake? Like a massage or something
Posted 6/29/13 , edited 6/29/13
Oliver finishes his scotch. "A massage would be lovely."
Posted 6/30/13 , edited 6/30/13
Okay then *smile and give you a massage
Posted 7/2/13 , edited 7/2/13
Oliver relaxes during the massage. "That," he starts to say, "was exactly what I needed."
Posted 7/3/13 , edited 7/3/13
"because you work so hard your exhausted right?"
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