[PvP] Arena
Posted 6/24/13 , edited 6/27/13

Welcome to the Arena, the Official PvP area of 2nd Life. Unlike friendly PvP, the matches are announced on the group main page and the winner as well.
The Arena, unlike friendly PvP, is 'brutal'. It's for hardcore players who want to test their strength against unknown players in an all-out battle.
Winners gain GMPs. Winners can gain prizes and the title of PvP King/Queen.

1. You must sign-up for the arena. Once your name is on the list you can start PvPing.
2. One PvP match at a time. If one takes too long, it will be called a draw.
3. No level limit.

1. Once you've chosen a PvP opponent, post on the group wall: "Arena Match [Player 1] VS [Player 2]".
2. Start the RP.
3. When there is a winner and a looser. The winner must post on the group wall: "[Player who won] has won the PvP match".

Now why do we need to do that?
Because the moderators and the creator is busy enough to stalk on PvP matches to see who won and who lost and if there's a match happening.

You receive GMP according to the level. Average is 25 GMP if around the same level.
Or else it's about the level gap, the lower the level the more GMP you get; the higher you level the lower .

Sign-Up sheet: (Send this by Inboxing JinNikki-)

Reason for participating:
Challenge Message:
PvP Player List:

JinNikki- ||【P$☿₡h◐ℬǝa†】|| Lvl: 82 || Wins: 0 || Losses: 0
"I hope you're prepared for a beating. Hehe." ▬ Beat

Duucky || DIX || Lvl: 64 || Wins: 0 || Losses: 0
"Doesn't matter who it is. I'm down to fight." ▬ DIX

thaspectre || Erebus★Eleven || Lvl: 57 || Wins: 0 || Losses: 0
"Don't underestimate me." ▬ Erebus★Eleven
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